Some  nations didn't have official pavilions or stately clubhouses, but they did exhibit and contribute to the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904. Some countries  reportedly confirmed their involvement but might not have exhibited. 

AUSTRALIA-  had  a display of  mining and  agricultural products.

BULGARIA- had a few exhibits in the Palaces

COLOMBIA- was reported to have an exhibit

COSTA RICA- had exhibits in Palace of Agriculture

DENMARK- had  20 exhibits  in the Palace of Varied Industries-  porcelain, silverware,  art pottery, cabinet works, embroideries, photography, ship models, and InPalaces  of Electricity, Agriculture  and Fine Arts

EGYPT- had  exhibits  In Agricultural Building;  collection of cotton and cereals and
every kind of agricultural product grown in Egypt. Ancient weapons, sugar, salt and products such as rubber,gum and ivory from Sudan. 

ETHIOPIA- had a display of  ivory and other products.

GREECE- had  an unofficial exhibit of Cognac brandies

GUATALOUPE- was reported to have an exhibit

HAITI-  exhibited  varieties of  Cognac brandies, exotic woods, cigars,   beeswax  molds, 
cotton,  cocoa,  coffee taken from the cherry, peanuts, sugar from the sugar
cane, bottled honey and shoes. They  had a  30 x 75 foot exhibit  area  in the
southwestern section (booth number 32) of the Forestry, Fish and Game Palace.

HONDURAS-  had  exhibits of: sarsaparilla, bananas, 400 specimens of cabinet woods
quinine, rhubarb, quartz and placer gold, silver and lead, etc.

HUNGARY-  had some exhibits in Fine Arts, the Manufactures Building, individual
exhibits in Palace  of Agriculture, Mines and Metallurgy, and Education.

ICELAND-  had an embroidery exhibit in Palace of Fine Arts

IRELAND-  had official buildings and exhibits at the  Irish Village on the Pike,  including
Blarney and Cormac's Castles, and the House of Parliament. This attraction-
though an official pavilion,  was categorized as a concession.

MONACO- had  an oceanographic exhibit in Palace of Education

MOROCCO- had a large, walled exhibit near Jerusalem with theaters and bazaars. This
was classified as a  concession

NEW ZEALAND- had a few paintings and exhibits of collections of Scotch red deer,
various fish, ornamental woods, Kauri gum,  fleece and legumes. 

NORWAY-  has 3 exhibits- silverware and enamel in the Varied Industries Building,
furniture of the old Norwegian style in the east wing of the Fine Arts Building
              & old and new tapestries & Norwegian  designs by Gerhard Munthe. 

PERSIA-  had a  Pavilion in Court of Palace of Varied Industries, showcasing art

PERU-  some paintings and exhibits of gold, salts,  resins, nuts, etc. 

PORTUGAL- several exhibits in the Palaces

ROMANIA- Unofficial representation of confectionery in Palace of Agriculture

RUSSIA-  Had to withdraw from the 1904 World's Fair, because the advent of war, even
   though they had already shipped their exhibitions to the United States.  The
   country still displayed  unofficial paintings and exhibits in  Palaces of Fine
                Arts, as well as displays at the Palaces of Liberal Arts, Manufactures, Varied
                Industries, and Agriculture. A kiosk in Palace of Transportation. Russia also
                exhibited on the Pike.  It has been said that Russian had a  small `unofficial,' 
                pavillion that Charles Crane transported to his  `Jerseyhurst,' estate  after the
   Fair closed.  There, it  became the Crane Family’s tea house along Geneva

SAN SALVADOR-  had a coffee exhibit in Palace of Agriculture

SOUTH AFRICA- had a few exhibits in the Palaces. Transvaal Colony had an  insect

SPAIN- had one  exhibitor- D. Mauricio Mandil, showed-  olive oil, brandy  and wine.

SWITZERLAND- had  unofficial merchants  at Swiss Chalet in the  Palace of Varied

TURKEY-  had  one  exhibitor of confectionery in Palace of Agriculture

URUGUAY- had an unofficial exhibit in Palace of Agriculture

VATICAN-   were phototypical reproductions of the most valuable manuscripts existing in
the Vatican Library, &  works in mosaics by  Studio del Mosaico Vaticano.

VENEZUELA-  had many exhibits in the Palaces including 200 varieties of fibers,
hardwoods,  (native logs, cocoa, minerals/gems,  gums, resins, fruits, etc.)  

Argentine Republic
Great Britain 
United  States (Gov.)

Other Nations


New Zealand, at the Palace of Foresty, Fish and Game. 
Small section of the Persia display  at the Palace of Varied Industries
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