Chairman—Isaac S. Taylor.

Frederick Widmann, Robert N. Walsh,

C. D. Boisselier— (Widmann, Walsh &

Boisselier). Howard Walker, Thomas R. Klmball—

(Walker & Kimball). Henry Van Brunt, Frank M. Howe- —(Van

Brunt & Howe). William S. Eames. Thomas С Young—

(Eames & Young). John M. Carrero, Thomas Hastings—

(Carrere & Hastings). George D. Barnett, John F. Haynes,

Thomas P. Barnett—(Barnet.t, Haynes

& Barnett). Theodore C. Link. Cass Gilbert.


Augustus St. Gaudens.

J. Q. A. Ward.

Daniel C. French.

Chief of Sculpture—Karl T. F. Bitter.

Chief of Design—E. L. Masqueray.

Chief of Mural Decoration—Louis J. Milltt.

Chief Landscape Architect—George E.

Kessler. Chief Building Engineer—Philip J. Markmann.

Chief Electrical and Mechanical Enginew

—Edward B. Kllicott. Consulting Engineer (formerly Chief Civil

Engineer)—Richard H. Phillips. Chief Draughtsman—W. H. H. Weather- wax. Chief Superintendent of Construction—J.

S. Tritle. Operating Chief Engineer—Charles F.

Foster. Secretary to Director of Works—Karl St.

John Hoblitzelle. Chief Clerk—M. P. Stevens. Principal Assistant Civil Engineer—H. R.

Fardwell. Engineer of Sewers, Water Supply and

Fire Protection—Charles E. Young. Engineer of Lagoons, Roadways and

Grading—E. R. Kinsey. Kngineer of Railroads—C. H. Coleman. M. & E. Assistant to Director of Works—

G. W. Danforth. Assistant Mechanical Engineer—Howard

F. Smith. Assistant Electrical Engineer—William M.

Dixon. Superintendent of Landscape Department

—DeWitt C. Perry. Superintendent of Sculpture Department

—Carl Bell.




Chief of the Department—John A. Wake- field.

Chief Clerk—Charles B. Pfahl«=>r.
Chief Inspector—W. E. Reid.
Chief Accountant—L. N. Simson.


Chief of the Department—E. Norton White.

"hief Inspector—Grant Womer.

Chief Clerk Statistical Department—Horace E. Sherwood.

Chief Accountant—William Tuttle.

Secretary to Director of Concessions and Admissions—P. D. Scott, Jr.


President's Office.

President—David R. Francis.

Private Secretary to the President—Collins Thompson.

Marshal—Brig.-Gen. Edmund Rice (U. S. Army).

Supervisor of Sanitation—Maj. Thos. U.

Raymond (U. S. Army),  Military Aide to the President—First

Lieut. C. Sidney Halght (4th U. S. Cavalry).


Secretary—Walter B. Stevens.

Assistant to the Secretary—Theodore

Hardee. Assistant to the Secretary—J. Bissell Ware.

Chief Clerk—Harold Young.
In Charge of the Laclede Building Office—

Thomas W. Park.

Treasurer's Office.

Treasurer—Wm. H. Thompson.
Local Treasurer—John W. Dunn.
Chief Record Clerk—F. H. Madden.
Paymaster—George S. Calhoun.

Collector's Bureau.
Chief of Bureau of Collections—John W. Dunn. Custodian of Moneys and Safes—George L. Burrell.


General CounselFranklin Ferriss.
Assistant Counsel—Nathaniel S. Brown.


Auditor (1902-1905)—Fred. Gabel.
Assistant Auditor—John W. Dunn.

Acting Auditor (1905-1913)—Edward  Perry.
Chief Accountant—Alex S. Vest.


Director of Transportation—John Scullin. Secretary—L. J. McKenzle.

Intramural Railway. Manager—Thomas W. Murphy. Superintendent—John J. Lichter.

Traffic Department. Traffic Manager—C. L. Hilleary. Chief Clerk—J. C. Payton. Secretary—C. Е. Armstrong.

World's Fair Terminal Railroad. General Manager—C. L. Hilleary. Superintendent—W. S. Carson. Assistant Superintendent—J. R. Johnson.

General Service Company. General Manager—J. M. Allen.


Chairman Committee on Supplies—James

F. Coyle.
Secretary—J. G. Stadelman.


Medical Director—Leonidas H. Laidley. Surgeon in Charge—J. G. Moore.


Commandant—Lieut.-Col. Sam'l W. Fountain (8th U. S. Cavalry).

Assistant Commandant—Major Andrew G. Hammond (3d U. S. Cavalry).

Assistant Commandant—Major Augustus P. Blocksom (1st U. S. Cavalry).

Adjutant—Captain C. H. Conrad, Jr. (3d U. S. Cavalry).

Quartermaster—First Lieut. Chas. Brooks Clark (5th U. S. Infantry).


Captain Robert L. Howze (6th U. S. Cavalry).

Captain George Vldmer (llth U. S. Cavalry).

Captain W. E. Welsh (30th U. S. Infantry).

Captain George H. Shelton (llth U. S. Infantry).

Captain Ralph E. Ingram (10th U. S. Infantry).

Captain Joseph F. Janda (1st U. S. Infantry).

First Lieut. W. G. Capíes (U. S. Corps of Engineers).

First Lieut. W. O. Reed (6th U. S. Cavalry).

First Lieut. Frank W. Rowell (llth U. S. Infantry).

First Lieut. Austin A. Parker (24th U. S. Infantry).

First Lieut. J. M. Loud (28th U. S. Infantry).

First Lieut. Abraham U. Loeb (9th U. S. Infantry).

First Lieut . A. C. Seaman (16th U. S. Infantry).

First Lieut. Kir win T. Smith (6th U. S. Infantry).

Chairman Committee on Police—Harrison I. Drummond.

Secretary—Edward I. Prlckett.


NATIONAL COMMISSION (Appointed by the President of the United States.)

President—Thomas H. Carter.
Vice-President—Martin H. Glynn.
Secretary—Laurence H Grabame.
Assistant Secretary—Claude Hough.
John M. Thurston, Nebraska.
Thomas H. Carter, Montana.
William Lindsay, Kentucky.

George W. McBride, Oregon.
Frederick A. Betts, Connecticut.
John M. Allen, Mississippi.
Martin H. Glynn, New York.
John F. Miller, Indiana.
Philip D. Scott, Arkansas.


(Appointed by the National Commission.)

Mrs. Daniel Manning, Albany, N. Y.
Miss Helen M. Gould, New York City.
Mrs. John M. Holcombe, Hartford, Conn.
Miss Anna L. Dawes, Pittsfleld, Mass.
Mrs. Fannie L. Porter, Atlanta, Ga.
Mrs. Frederick M. Hanger, Little Rock,  Ark.

Mrs. W. E. Andrews, Washington, D. C. Mrs. Helen Boice-Hunsicker, Hoboken, N. J.

Mrs. Richard W. Knott, Louisville, Ky.
Mrs. M. H. deYoung, San Francisco, Cal.
Mrs. Belle L. Everest, Atchison, Kan.
Mrs. Margaret P. Daly, Anaconda, Mont.
Mrs. Wm. H. Coleraan, Indianapolis, Ind.
Mrs. Lewis D. Frost, Winona, Minn.
Mrs. Finis P. Ernest, Denver, Col.
Mrs. Edward L. Buchwalter, Springfield,  Ohio.
Mrs. Mary Phelps Montgomery, Portland,  Ore.

Mrs. John Miller Horton, Buffalo, N. Y. Mrs. Carl von Mayhoff, New York City. Mrs. James Edmund Sullivan, Providence,  R. I.

Mrs. Annie McLean Moores, Mt. Pleasant,  Tex.
Miss Lavinia H. Egan, Shreveport, La.

President—Mrs. Daniel Manning.

First Vice-President — Mrs. Edward L. Buchwalter.

Second Vice-President — Mrs. Finis P. Ernest.

Third Vice-President—Mrs. Helen Boice- Hunsicker.

Fourth Vice-President—Miss Anna L. Dawes.

Fifth Vice-President—Mrs. Belle L. Everest.

Sixth Vice-President — Mrs. M. H. de- Young.

Seventh Vice-President—Mrs. Fannie L. Porter.

Treasurer—Mrs. William H. Coleman.

Hostess of Board of Lady Managers' Building—Miss Julia T. E. McBlair.

Private Secretary to President of the Board—Miss E. Lilian Todd.

UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT BOARD (In Charge of U. S. Government Exhibits.)

Chairman—Wallace H. Hills, Treasury Department.

Wm. H. Michael, Department of State.

John C. Scofleld, War Department.

Cecil Clay, Department of Justice.

John B. Brownlow, Postoffice Department.

B. F. Peters, Navy Department.

Edward M. Dawson, Department of the Interior.

S. R. Burch, Department of Agriculture.

Carroll D. Wright, Department of Commerce and Labor.

F. \V. True, Smithsonian Institution and

National Museum. W. deC. Ravenel, Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries.

Q. W. W. Hanger, Department of Labor. Williams C. Fox, Bureau of the American


Roland P. Falkner, Library of Congress. A. C. True, Agricultural Colleges.

Secretary—William V. Cox. Disbursing Officer—Wm. M. Geddes. Clerk of Board—C. S. Goshert.


Chairman of the Board—Wm. P. Wilson.

Member and Director of Exhibits—Gustavo Niederlein.

Member in Charge of Revenues and Disbursements—A. L. Lawshe.

Secretary of the Board—Leon Ma. Guerrero.

Disbursing Officer—Carson Taylor.

Cashier—A. T. Rúan.

Property Clerk—H. F. Kendall.

Purchasing Agent—Cnptain Geo. S. Clark.

Commissary Officer- Captain M. C. Butler, U. S. A.

Medical Director—Captain Lle-.-ellyn P. Williamson, Medical bepartiutnt, U. S. A.

Chief of Agriculture—Charles  Hall.

Chief of Commerce and Mrnuiactures, and Representative of the Anerican Chamber of Commerce of Manila—Charles P. Fenner.

Chief of Education—A. R. Haer.

Chief of Ethnological burvrj for the Philippine Islanc'.s, and Chief of Kumology, Philippine Exposition—Albert E. Jenks.

Curator and Chief of Forestry—Geo. P. Linden.

Chief of Mines and Metallurgy—Roy Hopping.

Chief of Fish and Game—Jose Quadras.

Chief of Publicity—Herbert S. Stone.

Chief of War Exhibit—Captain F. E. Cof- ren, P. C.

Director of Philippine Exposition Observatory—Rarnon Lacson.

Superintendent of the Model School— Miss Pilar Zamora.


Major William H. Johnston, Commanding Philippine Scouts.

Chaplain John C. Granville, 14th Cavalry.
First Lieut. Joseph C. Brady, 4th Infantry.
First Lieut. Carroll D. Buck, Assistant

Surgeon, U. S. A.

v'irst Lieut. Boss Reese, Philippine Scouts. First Lieut. Wesley King, Philippine

Scouts. First Lieut. John A. Paegelow, Philippine

Scouts.  First Lieut. Charles E. Dority, Philippine

Scouts.  First Lieut. Ray Hoover, Philippine

Scouts,  First Lieut. Edward Dworak, Philippine

Scouts, Second Lieut. Robert Dickson, Philippine

Scouts. Second Lieut. George McCue, Philippine

Scouts. Second Lieut. Andrew Shea, Philippine

Scouts. Second Lieut. Crispulo Patajo, Philippine

Scouts. Second Lieut. Clay Platt, Philippine



Major Amos C. Haskell, Commanding

Philippine Constabulary. First Lieut. N. S. Gilpin, Adjutant. B'irst Lieut . A. A. Cameron, Medical Officer. Third Lieut J. S. Manning, Supply Officer. Captain Ralph \V. Jones. First Lieut. W. H. Loving, Commanding


First Lieut. C. M. Pendleton.
First Lieut. Lucien R. Sweet.
First Lieut . Felix Llorente,
ëceond Lieut. Modesto Colmenares.


(At the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.)

Major J. E. Mahoney, U. S. Marine Corps,

Commanding. First Lieut. H. C. Reisinger, U. S. Marine

Corps, Adjutant and Quartermaster. Passed Assistant Surgeon J. T. Kennedy,

U. S. Navy. Captain W. H. Clifford, U. S. Marine

Corps, Company A.

First Lieut . Frank C. Lander, U. S. Marine

Corps, Company A. Captain A. S. Williams, U. S. Marine

Corps, Company B. First Lieut. Frank Halford, U. S. Marine

Corps, Company B. First Lieut. S. .7. Logan, U. S. Marine Corps.




Commissioner-General—Dr. José V. Fernandez.

Commissioner of Fine Arts—Sr. Eduardo Sohiaffino.

Commissioner of Liberal Arts and Mines —Sr. Horacio Anasagasti.

Commissioner of Manufacture and Electricity—Sr. Guillermo A. Puente.

Commissioner of Live Stock—Dr. Damian Lan.

Commissioner of Education—Sr. Ernesto Nelson.

Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry —Sr. Enrique M. Nelson.

Commissioner of Press and Propaganda— Sr. José de Olivares.

Delegate of the National Board of Education—Miss Ernestina A. Lopez, Ph. D.

Delegate to tbe National Bo.ird oC Education—Sr. José J. Berrutti.

Delegate to the Women's Congress—Mrs. Sara C. de Kccleston.

Delegate of the Argentine Press Association—Dr. B. del Castillo.

Honorary Commissioner—Dr. Luis A. Sauze.

Honorary Attache— Dr. Vicente Casares, Jr.

Honorary Attache—Sr. Ricardo Fernan dez Guerrico.

Delegate of the Municipality of Buenos Aires to the Congress of Electricity— Sr. Jorge Newberry.


Commissioner-General—Mr. Adalbert R. von Stibral.

Assistant Commissioner—Mr. Victor Pill- wax.

Secretary—Mr. Dominik Fetz.

Commercial Secretary — Mr. Emll S. Fischer.

Austrian Commercial Commission.

President — Count Johann Harrach, at

Rohrau (I. R. Privy Councillor, etc.). First Vice-President—Mr. Oskar Edler von

Hoefft (I. R. Chamberlain). Second Vice-President—Mr. Franz Hiess

(I. R. Commercial Councillor). Executive Commissioner—Mr. Charles M. Rosenthal.

Commercial Director — Mr. Johann Peterka. Commercial Representative and Assistant

Commissioner—Mr. Adolf Taussig.


Chairman of the Royal Belgian Commission—Mr. Alfred Simonis.

Vice-Chairman of the Royal Belgian Commission—Mr. A. Vercruysse.

Royal Commissioner-General—Mr. Jules earlier.

Secretary and Delegate of the Royal Commissioner-General—Mr. Carlo Spruyt.

Attaché—Mr. Georges De Kien.

Attaché—Mr. Julien Hillaert.

Special Attache for the Fine Arts—Mr. Emil Vauthier.

Chief Surveyor—Mr. Chas. Carette.


President—Colonel F. M. de Souza Aguiar. Secretary and Commissioner—Major J. da

Cunha Pires. Assistant Commissioner—Mr. J. B. da Motta.

Commissioner—Mr. Antonio Olyntho. Commissioner—Mr. J. C. Alves de Lima. Commissioner—Dr. A. da Graca Couto. Commissioner—Commodore J. C. de Carvalho.

Commissioner—Commodore A. Correa. Commissioner—Mr. J. A. dos Santos. Commissioner—Mr. A. J. da Costa Couto. Commissioner—Mr. Ferreira Ramos. Commissioner—Captain J. Cordeiro da

Graca. Assistant Commissioner — Mr. Eugenio


Aide—Mr. E. da Rocha Dias. Commissioner from State of Amazonas—

Mr. Ricardo Mardock. Commissioner from State of Amazonas—Mr. A. C. Lopes Goncalves.


Commissioner-General—Mr. P. M. Matt-

heeff. Assistant to the Commissioner-General—

Mr. D. N. Standoff. Assistant to the Commissioner-General—

Mr. St. Schterbanoff.


Commissioner-General—Mr. Wm. Hutchison.

Secretary of the Commission—Mr. W. A. Burns.


Commissioner-General—Hon. Stanley Bols. Assistant Commissioner—Mr. R. Huyshe


Assistant Commissioner—Mr. P. E. Pierls. Assistant Commissioner — Mr. Russell


Commercial Agent—Mr. Peter de Abrew.
Official Visitor—Hon. J. Ferpuson, C. M. G.
Official Visitor—Mr. F. C. Roles.
Official Visitor—Mr. H. van Cuylenburg.
Official Visitor—Mr. D. Obeyesekerl.

Imperial High Commissioner—H. R. H. Prince Pu Lun, Peking, China.

President, ex-offlcio—Sir Robert Hart, Bart., G. C. M. G. (Inspector-General of Customs), Peking, China.

Imperial Vice-Commissioner — Mr. Wong Kal-Kah.

Imperial Vice-Commissioner—Mr. Francis A. Carl.

Secretary of Chinese Imperial Commission—Mr. D. Percebois.

Assistant to Secretary of Chinese Imperial Commission—Mr. J. A. Berthet.

Attaches of Prince Pu Lun, at Peking, China—Mr. Cheng Chang, Mr. Pang Koo Hslun, Mr. Ching Ta Tsing, Mr. Chin Shin, Mr. Chang Tsaing, Mr. Pung Kwo Hsiun.

Attachés of Prince Pu Lun, at St. Louis— Mr. Kee Owyang, Mr. Tong Foo Pel.


Chairman—Dr. Santiago Cortez.

Member of the Commission—Mr. Julio de

Portecarrero. Member of the Commission—General

Francisco Vergara y Velasco.


Commissioner-General—Mr. Manuel Gonzales.

Secretary of the Commission—Mr. Harrison R. Williams.

Attaché—Mr. Adolfo Canas.

Attaché—Mr. Amando Cespedes.

Cuba. Honorary President — Mr. Gonzalo de Quesada. Commissioner-General — Mr. Esteban

Duque Estrada. Secretar}' of the Cuban Commission—Mr. Antonio Carillo. Commissioner of Education—Mr. Eduardo

Morales de los Ríos. Technical Commissioner of Education for  Cuba—Mr. Sixto Lopez Miranda. Commissioner of Social Economy—Dr. J.

J. Luis. Sanitary Commissioner—Mr. Enrique B. Rarnet.

Honorary Commissioner—Mr. J. W. Flanagan.

Assistant Commissioners. Mr. J. E. Bernai. Mr. Fernando Mesa. Mr. Francisco de Armas. Disbursing Officer—Mr. Antonio E. Trujillo. Assistant Sanitary Commissioner — Mr. John R. Taylor.

Technical Commission.

Doctor in Philosophy and Letters—Dr. Enrique José Varona.

Doctor of Natural Sciences—Dr. Carlos de la Torre.

Chemical Engineer—Sr. Carlos Theye.

Civil Engineer—Sr. Manuel D. Diaz.

Agronomical Engineer—Sr. Ramon Jimenez Alfonso.

Doctor of Sciences and Pharmacy—Dr. Gaston Alfonso Cuadrado.


Director-General of the Danish State R. R.—Mr. Charles Ambt, Kmd. of Dbg.

Councillor of State—Mr. N. Anderson, R., of Dbg., Director of the East Asiatic Co.

Professor Arnold Krog, R. of Dbg.

Admiral A. du Plessis de Richelieu, Grand Cross of Dbg.

Commissioner General—Mr. William Arup.

Councillor of State—Mr. Philip Schon, Kmd. of Dbg.


Commissioner-General—Mr. Herman Law- ford. Delegate—Mr. Abd El Hamld Abazza.



Special Envoy of the French Republic— Mr. Alfred Picard, President of the French Council of State.

Commissioner-General—Mr. Georges Gerald, Member of the French Parliament.

Assistant Commissioner-General — Mr. Jules Boeufve, Consul of France.

Secretary of the French Commission—Mr. Felix Lamy.

Private Secretary to the Special Envoy— Mr. Robert Delaunay-Bellevllle, Constructing Engineer.

Private Secretary to the Special Envoy— Mr. Emile Heurteau, Mining Engineer.

Private Secretary to the Commissioner- General—Mr. Max Furland, Consulting Engineer.

Attaché—Mr. Marcel Estieu.

Attaché—Mr. Andre Artowne.

French Commercial Section.

President—Mr. Ancelot.

Vice-President—Mr. Gustave Kester, Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.

Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris—Mr. Perdoux.

Treasurer—Mr. Maurice Estieu.

Fine Arts Section.

Assistant Commissioner—Mr. Horteloup. Attaché—Mr. Delestre.


Imperial German Commissioner-General— Dr. Theodor Lewald, Privy Councillor.

Vice-Commissioner—Dr. Eugene Wagner, Superior Government Councillor.

Treasurer—Mr. Otto Zippel, Imperial Councillor.

Assistant Commissioner — Mr. Heinrich Albert.

Commercial Attaché, Department of Arta and Crafts—Mr. Paul A. Zilllng.

Attaché—Dr. Fritz Kestner.

Attaché—Dr. Hugo Hardy.

Attaché—Fritz von Bardeleben.

Imperial Consul—Dr. F. C. Rleloff.

Imperial Vice-Consul—Baron von Reden.

General Commissioner Education Department—Count Limburg-Stirum.

Substitute to the General Commissioner Education Department—Dr. Leopold Bahlsen (Professor).

Commissioner Mining Department—Mr. Hermann Albert.

Commissioner of Forestry Department—

Mr. Alard Scheck. Agricultural Department — Dr. Ludwig

Wittmark, Privy Councillor. Scientific Instruments—Dr. Hugo Kruss. Hygienic Department—Dr. Johannes Bre-

ger. Chemical Exhibits—Dr. Otto Zwingenberger.


President of the Royal Commission—H. R. H. The Prince of Wales, K. G. Chairman of the Royal Commission—The Right Honorable Viscount Peel. Commissioner-General and Secretary of the Royal Commission—Colonel Chas.

M. Watson, R. E., C. В., C. M. G. General Superintendent—Mr. J. H. Cundall. General Superintendent—Mr. Edmund H.

Lloyd. Secretary to the Commissioner-General

and for Juries—Mr. Lucien Serralllier. Accountant—Mr. C. D. Barrett. In Charge of Correspondence and Catalogue—Mr. Herbert Langridge. Clerical Assistants—Mr. R. Grant Dalton,

Mr. S. G. Hutchinson, Mr. J. Perrln  Harris.

Department of Education.

Representative of the Education Committee—Captain P. H. Atkln.

Assistant Superintendent—Mr. C. B. Down.

Department of Art.

Representative of the Art Committee—Mr. R. S. Hunt.

Representative of the Applied Art Committee—Mr. Alfred A. Longdon.

Department of Liberal Arta. Scientific Manager of Low Temperature

Exhibit—Mr. J. E. Petavel. Assistant—Mr. H. Payne.

Assistant Superintendents of Exhibits. Mr. J. F. Barrett—Mines and Metallurgy. Mr. John E. Blacknell—Manufactures. Mr. J. T. Christie—Liberal Arts. Mr. Harold Darby—Transportation. Mr. Joseph Devlin—Agriculture, Fish and  Game.

Mr. Edward Dixon—Electricity.
Mr. H. Wernlnck—Liberal Arts.
Mr. W. C. Forster—Queen Victoria's Jubilee Presents.

Mr. W. Brown, in Charge of the British Pavilion Garden.
Mr. Arthur Smith—General Foreman.


Official Representative—Dr. Joaquira Yela, Chargé d'Affaires at Washington.

Special Commissioner—Mr. Carlos F. in- goyen.

Attaché—Mr. Manuel M. Jiron.


President—Mr. J. N. Leger, Haitian Minister at Washington.

Commissioner-General—Mr. Edmond Roumain.

Commissioner—Mr. Joseph Duque.
Commissioner—Mr. Price Mars.


Commissioner-General—Mr. Salvador Cordova. Executive Commissioner—Mr. Howard S.


Assistant Commissioner—Mr. Alejandro Bauer.


Commissioner-General — Dr. George De

Szogyeny. Member of the National Committee of

Fine Arts—Professor Paul Hortl. Member of the Commission—Mr. R. E.



Commissioner—Mr. R. Blechynden. Honorary Assistant Commissioner—Mr. P. C. Williams.


Commissioner-General ad hon—H. E. Baron E. Mayor des Planches, Italian

Ambassador at Washington. Commissioner-General — Mr. Giovanni

Branch!. Member of the Executive Committee In Rome and Commissioner for Fine Arts

—Mr. Adolpho Appoloni. Member of the Commission—Chev. Vittorio Zegglo. Member of the Commission—Mr. Guido


Secretary—Mr. Alberto Alfanl.
Secretary—Mr. Tullio Giordana.
Secretary—Mr. Cesare Delia Chi esa.
Secretary—Mr. Jerome Zegglo.
Architect of the Pavilion—Mr. Giuseppe




President—Baron Keigo Klyoura. Vice-President — Baron Masanao Matsu- dalra.


Commissioner-General—Mr. Seilchi TegIma.

Resident Commissioners.
Mr. Hiromichi Shuglo.
Mr. Ushitaro Beppu.
Mr. Naozo Kanzaki.

Non-Resident Commissioners.

Mr. Hajlme Ota.
Mr. Harukl Yamawaki.
Mr. Masanao Hanihara.
Mr. M. Isobe.
Mr. J. Koyama.
Mr. M. Oka.
Mr. Y. Okamoto.

Director of Works—Mr. Kelsuke Nlwa.

Landscape Architect—Mr. Yukio Itchl- kawa.

Expert, Governor-General's Office, Formosa—Mr. Saizo Tajima.

Prof. Yoshitaro Watanabe, Imperial University.


Secretary Education Department — Mr. Mosuke Matsumura,

Expert Home Department—Mr. Kanno- suke Mlyashima.

Mr. Harukazu Miyabe.
Mr. Michio Hattori.
Mr. Toyozo Kobayashi.

Mr. Shun Suzuki.
Mr. Jiro Harada.
Mr. Teilchiro Gejyo.
Mr. Risaburo Ota.


Commissioner-General — Engineer Albino R. Nuncio.

Assistant to the Commissioner-General— Mr. Benito Navarro.

Assistant to the Commissioner-General— Mr. Juan Renteria.

Chief Department of Agriculture—Engineer Lauro Viadas.


Assistant to the Chief—Mr. Daniel R. de la Vega. Chief Department of Art and Ethnology

—Mr. Isidoro Aldasoro. Assistant to the Chief—Mr. Leopoldo

Tellez. Assistant to the Chief—Mr. Octavio Andrade. Chief Department of biberal Arts—Mr.

Maximiliano M. Chabert. Assistant to the Chief—Mr. Alberto

Ocampo. Chief Department of Education—Mr. Julio

Poulat. Assistant to the Chief—Mr. Isuaro Bustamante. Chief Department of Forestry, Fish andGame—Mr. Enrique Garibay. Assistant to the Chief—Mr. Jorge Salazar. Chief Department of Horticulture—Mr. J.

Alberto MacDowell. Chief Department of Manufactures—Mr. J. M. Nuncio.

Assistant to the Chief—Mr. Manuel Costa. Assistant to the Chief—Mr. Antonio Sierra Cruz.

Chief Department of Mines and Metallurgy—Engineer Eduardo Mantinez Baca.

Assistant to the Chief—Mr. Miguel Peinado. Chief Department of Transportation—

Major S. Garcia Cuellar. Assistant to the Chief—Lieutenant Manuel Garcia Lugo. Assistant to the Chief—Lieutenant Jose Ortiz Monasterio.

Special Delegate of the Ministry of Justice and Public Instruction — Mrs. Laura M. de Cuenca.

Honorary Commissioner—Dr. Plutarco
Órnelas, Mexican Consul at San Antonio, Texas.
Special Commissioner of the State of

Pueblo—Prof. Teofilo Frezieres. Honorary Commissioner—Mr. E. H. Talbot.

Special Commissioner of the State of

Mexico—Mr. José M. Trigo de Claver.

Special Commissioner of the State of

Zacatecas—Mr. Roberto Garcia. Special Commissioner of the State of Zacatecas—Mr. José A. Bonilla.


Commissioner-General — Mr. James W. Langerman.

Deputy Commissioner-General—Mr. Ulysses D. Eddy.

Commissioner—Mr. B. B. Kirkland.

Assistant Commissioner—Mr. A. H. Danforth.

Secretary—Mr. G. W. Hobbs.


Commissioner-General — Mr. Gerrit H.

Ten Broek. Commissioner of Fine Arts—Mr. Willy

Martens. Manager of the Art Commission—Mr. J. C. Schuyler. Acting Commissioner for Section of Fine

Arts—Mr. Bart von Hove. Acting Commissioner for Section of Fine

Arts—Mr. Eduard Cuypers. Acting Commissioner for Section of Fine

Arts—Mr. Hubert Vos.


Representative—Mr. T. E. Donne.
Attaché—Mr. Frederick Moorhouse.
Attaché—Mr. Thomas Clarkson.


President—Mr. Juan Jose Zelaya. Commissioner—Mr. Alexander Bermudez. First Secretary—Mr. Rafael Fernandez. Second Secretary—Dr. Rosendo Rubí. Commissioner—Mr. L. D. Kingsland. Commissioner—Mr. Louis M. Moraguez. Commissioner—Mr. Nicholas Veloz. Commissioner—Mr. W. H. Thomson. Commissioner—Mr. Laureano Zelaya.


Commissioner—Mr. Frederick L. M. Waage, Vice-Consul to St. Louis for Norway and Sweden.


Official Delegate ad hon.—Col. J. B. Shaler.


Special Commissioner—H. E. Mufakam- ad-Doulah, Persian Minister at Washington.

Commissioner-General—Mr. Dlkran Khan Kelekian.

Commissioner—Mr. H. S. Tavshanjian.

Chief Secretary and Director—Mr. H. G. Kelekian.

Secretary—Mr. E. A. Khouri.


Commlasioner-Oeneral — Mr. Alejandro

Garland. Special Commissioner—Mr. Ernest H. Wands.

Sub-Commissioner—Mr. Wilfred H. Schott. Secretary—Mr. Manuel C. Velarde.


Commissioner-General—Viscount de Alte.

Officer In Charge of Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry Sections—Mr. Lulz Burnay.

Officer in Charge of Education, Electricity, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Manufactures, and Mines and Metallurgy Sections— Mr. Luiz Vidal.

Commercial Attaché—Mr. Germano Cour


Executive Commissioner—Mr. Edward

Grunwaldt, Councillor of Commerce. Commissioner—Mr. Jacob Godberg. Commissioner—Mr. Max Berkowitz. Commissioner—Mr. L. A. Robinson.


Chairman—Mr. David G. Guzman.
Commissioner—Mr. E. Megla.
Assistant Commissioner—Mr. Julio C. Locaros.
Secretary—Mr. E. S. Ware.


President Siamese Royal Commission— H. R. H. Crown Prince of Slam.

Royal Commissioner-General—Mr. James H. Gore.

Secretary-General—Mr. A. Cecil Carter.

Attaché—Mr. Douglas Clark.

Special Commissioner of the Spanish Department of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce—Don Evaristo Martin Contreras, Count de Olivia de Caitan.


Royal Commissioner—Dr. N. G. W. Lagerstedt. Resident Commissioner—Mr. J. A. Ockerson. Assistant Commissioner and Secretary—

Mr. Axel Welin. Secretary—Mr. Ernst Lundblad. Attaché—Mr. Carl Lidman, Department of

Education. Attaché—Miss M. Widegren, Department

of Education.

Attaché—Mr. A. W. Schultzberg, Department of Art. Attaché—Mr. Karl Stein, Department of



Commissioner-General—H. E. Cheklb B«y,

Minister to Washington. Assistant Commissioner-General — Dr. Hermann Schoenfeld. Secretary-General—Mr. George Ell Hall.


Commissioner-General—Mr. Eugenio M.

M. Ambard. Member of the Commission—Mr. H. Meinhard. Member of the Commission—Mr. H. Imeda.

Vatican. Commissioner in Charge of the Vatican

Exhibit—Mr. Francesco Cagiati.



Committee on Birmingham District    Exhibit.

President—Fred M. Jackson.

Secretary—J. B. Gibson.

Special Representative—J. A. MacKnight.

Rufus N. Rhodes.

Culpepper Exum.

F. H. Dlxon.

George H. Clark.


Chairman—Thomas Ryan, First Assistant Secretary of the Interior.

Executive Commissioner—Governor John G. Brady.

Resident Representative—Josepk B. Marvin.

Honorary Commissioner—M. E. Martin, Mayor of Ketchikan.

Honorary Commissioner—Peter Jensen, Mayor of Wrangel.

Honorary Commissioner—O. H. Adslt,

Mayor of Juneau. Honorary Commissioner—Frank Bach,

Mayor of Douglas. Honorary Commissioner—John Goodell,

Mayor of Valdez. Honorary Commissioner—L. S. Keller,

Mayor of Skagway. Honorary Commissioner—D. B. Miller,

Mayor of Eagle City. Honorary Commissioner—W. H. Bard, Ex- Mayor of Nome. Honorary Commissioner—Anthony Tubba,

Mayor of Treadwell. Honorary Commissioner—H. P. King, Mayor of Nome.


Chairman—A. J. Doran.
Treasurer—B. F. Packard.
Secretary—H. B. St . Claire.
Commissioner—Mrs. J. A. Black.
Superintendent of Exhibits—R. N. Leatherwood.


President—George R. Belding.

Secretary—J. C. Rembert.

Manager—Thomas W. Milan.

George T. Lake.

Superintendent Horticultural Department —John P. Logan.

Superintendent Mines—A. H. Purdue.

Agricultural Department—H. T. Bradford.

Assistant Lady Manager—Miss Linie Cage.


Commissioner—Frank Wiggins.
Commissioner—J. A. Filcher.
Secretary—Geo. A. Dennison.
Chief Department of Mining—Lewis E. Auburg.
Chief Department of Horticulture—Geo. C. Roedlng. Chief Department of Forestry—W. H.

Mills. Chief Department of Education—Robert



President—Governor James H. Peabody.
Vice-President—T. J. O'Donnell.
Commlssioner-in-Chief—Paul Wilson.
Secretary—I. N. Stevens.
Treasurer—Harry Cassady.

Mrs. Lionel Rose Anthony.

William F. Sperry.

Assistant to Commissioner-in-Chief—John

A. Wayne. Assistant Treasurer—Marie W. Stewart.


President—Frank L. Wllcox.
Vice-President—Charles Phelps.
Secretary-Treasurer—J. H. Vaill.
Resident Commissioner—Hobart Brinemade.

Edgar J. Doolittle.
Isaac W. Birdseye.
General Phelps Montgomery.
Mrs. Louis R. Cheney.
Miss Anne Huntington Chappell.
Mrs. George H. Knight .
David  R. Francis'  Book-
The Universal Exposition of 1904

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