McCabe & Bierman Wagon Co.
MeCann-Dowling R. E. Co.
McCaughen & Burr
McClean, C. & W.
McClure Co., S. S.
McCormack & Co., S. C.
McCormick, Kilgen & Rule
McCoy Jewelry Co., J.
McCullough & Turnbach
McDermott & Holke
McEwing & Thomas
McFarland Real Estate Co.
McFarlane-Evans & Co.
McGinnis Painting Co.
McKeen & Co., M. M.
McKcighan, Barclay & Watts
McKenna Bros.
McKinney Bread Co.
Me 1 i:iin & AU-iirn
McLain Med. & Sur. Co., L. C.
McLean Prtg. Co.
McNair & Harris R. E. Co.
McNary Bros.
McNeary Bros.
McPheeters Warehouse Co.
McReynolds & Co.
McTague Catering Co.
Maccallum Ptg. Co., Jas.
MacCarthy-Evans Tailoring Co.
MacDonald, R. S., Estate of
Macdonald Mfg. Co.
Macgowan & Finnegan
Madison Coal Co.
Maguire & Co., J. M.
Maguire Coal Co.
Maguire R. E. Co., John
Mahew & Schuyler
Mahn & Co.
Majestic Mfg. Co.
Maloney Catering Co.
Malvern Lumber Co.
Mandeville, Carrow & Crane
Manhattan Hotel
Manhattan Rubber Co.
Manheimer & Co., L.
Manion Bros.
Mansur & Tebbetts Imp. Co.
Manuf acturers R. E. & Build. Co.
Manville Covering Co.
Many & Terrell
Market Street Drug Store
Markham & Co., W. H.
Marquette Dramatic Club
Marshall, A. & J. P.
Martin & Co., Jos. V.
Marx & Co., Henry
Marx & Haas Clothing Co.
Marx & Jones
Marx & Neun Stove & P. Co.
Mason's Majestic Hair Dye Co.
Masters & Son, Theo.
Materne Mfg. Co.
Mathes & Son Rag Co., G.
Mathews & Clark
Mathews Real Estate Co.
Mathiason Mfg. Co., P. B.
Mathis & Co.
Matthews & Bro., W. N.
Mauran Russell & Garden
Maxwell & Crouch Mule Co.
May & Lipman
May, Stern & Co.
Mayer & Eichmann
Mayer & Son, M.
Mayfield Woolen Mills
Meagher & Co., Jas.
Mechanics Bank
Mechanics Planing Mill Co.
Medart Pat. Pulley Co.
Meier & Sons, E. F. W.
Meier-Pohlmann Furniture Co.
Meinholtz & Weissenborn
Meisch, Dr. Aug. and Wife
Meisenbach & Schmitz
Meiser & Becht
Meletio Fish & Oyster Co.
Mellier Drug Co.
Menown & Gregory
Mepham & Klein, Geo. S.
Mercantile Trust Co.
Merchants & Mfrs. R. Wh. Co.
Merchants Box & Crate Co.
Merchants Express Co.
Merchants-Laclede Nat'l Bank
Merchants Stencil Works.
Merkle Wax & Candle Co.
Mermod & Jaccard Jewelry Co.
Merrell Drug Co., J. S.
Merrick, Walsh & Phelps
Merry & Nicholson Ptg. Co.
Merton & Co., S. D.
Mesker & Bro.
Mesmer Mfg. Co., Ferd.
Mesritz Bros. Tailoring Co.
Messmore, Gannett & Co.
Metal Pol. and Brass Work. Un.
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.
Meyer & Co., John P.
Meyer & Goessling Cloak Co.
Meyer & Son, John F.
Meyer, Bannerman & Co.
Meyer Bros. Coffee & Spice Co.
Meyer Bros. Drug Co.
Meyer Livery & U. Co., Adolph
Meyer Livery & U. Co., Hy.
Мeyer-Meinhardt Soda Co.
Meyer R. E. & Inv. Co.
Meyer-Schmid Gro. Co.
Meyer Supply Co.
Michel Plant & Bulb Co.
Midvale Mining & Mfg. Co.
Milburn & Rich
Miles Tim. & Lbr. Co., Geo. W.
Miller & Brockman.
Miller Bros. & Co.
Miller Drug Co., !,i him!
Miller Elev. Mfg. Co., Wm. A.
Miller-Flaven Prtg. Co.
Mills, Mrs. Caroline and Dr.
A. Gandy
Mills & Averill
Milne & Gordon
Milne Lumber Co.
Mirror Pub. Co.
Mississippi Glass Co.
Mississippi Valley Trust Co.
Missouri Bedding & Feather Co.
Missouri Belting Co.
Missouri Brass Type Foundry.
Missouri Edison Elec. Co.
Missouri Fire Brick Co.
Missouri Forage & Supply Co.
Missouri Furn. Co.
Missouri Glass Co.
Missouri Gravel Roofing Co.
M. K. & T. Ry. Co.
Missouri Lamp & Mfg. Co.
Missouri Pacific Ry. Co., The
Missouri Stair Co.
Missouri Tent & Awning Co.
Missouri Trust Co.
Missouri Woman's State Press
Mitchell Clay Mfg. Co.
Moakley, Jas. F. and Jos. B.
Mobile & Ohio R. R. Co.
Model Restaurant
Moder & Son, F. J.
Modern Heating Co.
Modern Miller Co., The
Moffett & Franciscus
Moffitt-West Drug Co.
Moise Law & Collection Agency
Moll Bros.
Moll Grocery Co., A.
Moller Carriage Co.
Moloney & Morrison
Moloney Electric Co.
Monarch Laundry Co.
Monarch Lumber Co.
Monarch Rubber Co.
Montgomery & Grismore, J. B.
Monti Shoe Co., M.
Moon Bros. Carriage Co.
Moon Buggy Co., J. W.
Moon Elevator Co.
Moran Bolt & Nut Mfg. Co.
More, Jones & Co.
Morisse & Maurer
Moritz Blank Book Mfg. Co.
Morley Bros.
Morris, Nelson & Co.
Morrison & Co., R. W.
Morrison Tent & Awning Co.
Mosberger-O'Reilly Lumber Co.
Moser Cigar & Paper Box Co.
Moser Hotel
Mosler Safe Co.
Moss & Lowenhaupt
Moss Tie Co., T. J.
Mound City Can Co.
Mound City Coffin Co.
Mound City Construction Co.
Mound City Coupe L. & M. Co.
Mound City Distilling Co.
Mound City Duck & Rubber Co.
Mound City Excelsior Mfg. Co.
Mound City Paint & Color Co.
Mound City Paper Co.
Mound File Co.
Muckerman & Son, J.
Mueller & Co., F.
Mueller Bros.
Mueller Heavy Hauling & T. Co.
Mueller Produce Co.
Mullally Com. Co., John
Mullen & Hoppius Painting Co.
Mulvihill Furn. Co.
Mumford Lodge, K. of P.
Munger Laundry
Municipal Record Co.
Munson & Co.
Murch Bros. Construction Co.
Muren Coal & Ice Co.
Murphy & Co., K.
Murphy & Son, M. J.
Murphy Trunk Co., P. C.
Murphy Varnish Co.
Musicians' M. B. A. Loc. No. 2
Muth D. G. Co., M. A.
Myers Construction Co.
Myerson Prtg. Co., Saml. F.
Naber's Sons, Charles
Nanson Commission Co.
Nash-Smith Tea & Coffee Co.
National Ammonia Co.
National Bank of Commerce
National Biscuit Co.
National Brewery Co.
National Employment Co.
National Enam. & Stamp. Co.
National Investment Co.
National Laundry Co.
National Lead Co.
National Plumbing Supply Co.
National Tube Works.
Natoli Bros.
Neal & Co., Geo. R.
Neier & Meng
Neiner & Co., John
Nelson Distilling Co.
Nelson, L. C.  J. M. Jr.
Nelson Mfg. Co., N. O.
Neumann Bros.
Neuroth & Bro., J. W.
New American Laundry Co.
Newberry & Co., F. E.
Newcomb Bros.
New Era Grocer Co.
New Era Mfg. Co., The
New Home Sew. Mach. Co., The
Newman & Biehle
New Missouri Sand Co.
New St. Louis Sand Co.
Newstead Ave. Pharmacy
New Union Sand Co., The
New York Belting and Pack. Co.
New York Storage Co.
Nicholl the Tailor
Nicholls-Ritter Ry. & F. Co.
Niedringhaus H. Fur. Co., Chas
Niemeyer Drug & Paint Co.
Nies & Co., John A.
Nies & Straub
Niesmann Cigar Co.
Nifong, Wm. & F. G.
Nims & Brattan
Ninth St. Laundry Co.
Nixdorff-Krein Mfg. Co.
Noble Prtg. Co., A.
Noel-Young Bond & Stock Co.
Nolan, Allen & Co.
Nolte & Eistrup
Noonan & Kocian
Noonan & Sons, Jas.
North St. Louis Planing МШ Co.
North Western Sav. Bank
Norvell Shapleigh Hdw. Co.
Nugent & Bro.
O'Brien & Co., W. H.
O'Brien Boiler Wks. Co., John
O'Connell Painting Co., J. W.
O'Connor & Begley
O'Fallon Coal & Mining Co.
O'Neil Lumber Co.
Oakville Farmers Club
Obear-Nester Glass Co.
Olga Mfg. Co.
Olive Hat Mfg. Co., The
Olivette Hotel
Orchard Bros.
Orcutt Stor, Pack. & Mov. Co.
Oriel Glass Co.
Ornstein & Rice Neckwear Co.
Orthwein Investment Co.
Orthwein, Max R. & Ralph H.
Ostertag Bros. Otis Elevator Co. Outlook Co., The Overseer, The Oxford Hotel
Pacific Cement Gravel Co.
Pacific Express Co.
Padberg Mercantile Co.
Paddock-Hawley Iron Co.
Pain Pyrotechnic Co.
Painters and Dec. of Am. No. 46
Painters' Brotherhood of No. 115
Palace Livery Co.
Palma & Kopeke
Papin & Tontrup
Faquin Immune Co., Ozias
Paris Medicine Co.
Park View Realty & Imp. Co.
Parker R. E. Co., W. F.
Parker-Russell Min. & Mfg. Co.
Paschedag L. & U. Co.
Pasquier & Eaton
Pauk & Sons Mfg. Co., Henry
Pauley & Co., G. A.
Pauley JaU Bldg. & Mfg. Co.
Pavyer Ptg. Mach. Works
Peacock Chemical Co.
Pechmann & Bro.
Peckham Candy Co., O. H.
Peerless Laundry,
Peugnet & Hemenway
Pennsylvania Co., The
Penny & Gentles
Pensonneaux, Ducey & Friend
Peoples House Fur. Co.
Perfect Safety Paper Co., The
Perkins & Herpel
Perkinson Bros. Const. Co.
Perrin & Smith Ptg. Co.
Perry & Co., Geo. W.
Perry Pie Co., Ira.
Peters D. G. & Clo. Co.
Peters Fish & Oyster Co., J. W.
Peters Furn. Co., Jos.
Peters Shoe Co.
Petring Gro. Co., Henry
Pettibone, Mulliken & Co.
Pfeffer Pharmacy
Pfenninger, Pretzel & B. Co.
Pfister Vogel Leather Co.
Phelan & Tucker
Phillibert & Johanning Mfg. Co.
Phillibert & Lightholder
Phoenix Furn. Co.
Phoenix Pharmacy
Phoenix Planing Mill Co.
Pickel & Sons, Geo.
Pickel Marble & Granite Co.
Pickel Stone Co.
Picker & Beardsley
Picquet Bros.
Pierce & Webb Supply Co.
Pilgrim Hotel
Pillman Bros.
Pioneer Cooperage Co.
Pittsburg Plate Glass Co.
Planet Mfg. & Pub. Co.
Planters Hotel Co.
Plant Milling Co., Geo. P.
Plant Seed Co.
Plasterers' Jo'ym'n Union No. 3
Platt & Thornburgh Paint Co.
Pleuger & Henger Mfg. Co.
Plows Candy Co.
Plumber-Benedict Lumber Co.
Plumbers' Jo'ym'n Union No. 35
Plumbers' Laborers U. No. 1
Plumly Co., Geo. W.
Plumridge & McNeill Sup. Co.
Pockets Drug, Glass & Paint Co.
Pocock Can Co.
Pohlman & Bros., H. C.
Polar Wave Ice & Fuel Co.
Polster & Co., L.
Portmann S. & M. Co., F. H.
Postal Telegraph & Cable Co.
Potter Bros. (P. & P. Nov. Co.)
Potthoff Bros.
Poulin Gro. Co., R. N.
Powell Co., The
Powers & Boyd C. & R. Co.
Powitzky & Collins.
Pozzoni Pharm. Co.
Prante & Meyer
Prendergast Lumber Co.
Pride of the West Lodge, K. of P.
Priesmeyer Shoe Co., A.
Prince, Evans & Co.
Progressive Lodge No. 41, lut 'I
Assn. Machinists Progressive Paper Box Co. Progress Press Brick A Mach.Co. Provident Chemical Works Pullman Co., The Pundt Bros. Gro. Co. Purina Mills
Queraheim Hardware Co. Quinlivan & Bro., Jas. F. Quinn & Co., N. R.
Raboteau & Co.
Railway Supply Co., The
Rankin & Kimball
Rapp & Moller Carriage Co.
Rathell R. E. Co., Sam. T.
Ratz Bros & Son, J.
Rauth Ptg. Co., Henry
Raymond Place Realty Co.
Readey & Mahaney
Real Estate Bulletin
Rebstock & Co., Chas.
Redemeyer-Hollister Com. Co.
Redlich & Co.
Reheis-Rolfes Lumber Co.
Reid Gro. Co., W. E.
Reid Shoe Co., T. J.
Reilly's Millinery House
Reis & Co., H. F.
Reisse & Co., Wm.
Reliable Stor. & Mov. Co.
Reliance Tool & Mach. Co.
Reller & Son., A. F.
Remmers Pattern Co.
Republic, The
Review of Reviews, The
Rice-Dwyer Real Estate Co.
Rice Lumber Co., W. G.
Rice Merc. Cigar Co., F. R.
Rice, Stix & Co.
Rich Construction Co.
Richarz Pressroom Co., J. P.
Richter Investment Co., G.
Riddle & Rehbein Mfg. Co.
Rider Jewelry Co., S. A.
Riechers & Son, J. P.
Rieman & Co., A.
Riessen Floral Co.
Ringen Stove Co.
Rippe Tent & Duck Co., Chae.
Rist & Leimbach
Rittenberg & Co., B.
Riverside Prtg. House
Riverside Shoe Co.
Roach & Son, H. E.
Robbins Varnish Co., A.
Roberts A Heineman E. A P. Co.
Roberts & Wolde
Roberts, Johnson & Rand
Robertson Ptg. Co.
Robidou & Son, M.
Roebling Sons Co., John
Roeder & Co., Chas.
Roehrig & Jacoby
Roesch Carpet & Wall Paper Co.
Roeslin & Robyn
Roever & Co., John C.
Rohlfing, H. T. & W. C.
Rolf Gro. Co.
Roos Fur Co., Leonhard
Rosebrough Monument Co.
Rosedale Const. & Supply Co.
Rosen & Co., Louis
Rosenbaum-Hauschulte Co.
Rosenthal & Desberger
Rosenthal Paper & Staty. Co.
Rosenthal-Sloan Millinery Co.
Rosentreter A Co., M.
Ross-Moyer Mfg. Co., The
Rossi & Ghio
Roth Gro. Co., Adam
Roth Tool Co., B.
Rothgiesser & Bro., S.
Rothschild Bros.
Rotty & Co., E. J.
Rountree Construction Co.
Rowan Dental Co., John, The
Rower A Co., W. F.
Rubelman-Lucas Hdw. Co.
Rubenstein Bros.
Ruecking & Co., H.
Ruesing, J. & J.
Rumsey & Sikemeier
Rumsey Mfg. Co., L. M.
Russack A Sons, I.
Russell A Gordon
Russell-Massengale Com. Co.
Russell R. E. & Inv. Co.
Ruth A Co., J. F.
Ruth & Simons
Rutledge & Kilpatrick
Rutledge A Taylor
Ryffel & Rati
Safety Car Heat. & Light. Co. Safety Insulated Wire & Cable
Co. of N. Y.
Sale & Sale
Salomo & Biederman Hdw. Co.
Salveter & Stewart
Sand Haulers Pro. & Benev. Un.
Sander, Dr. Enno M. W. Co.
Sanders Duck & Rubber Co.
Sanders Engraving Co.
Sanitary Dairy Co. of Missouri
Sanitol Chemical Laboratory
Sanner & Felter
Sanner Gro. Co., C. E.
Sauerbrun Construction Co.
Sawyer Paper Co., F. O.
Saylor Cooperage Co., H. N.
Scaling A Son, Saml.
Scalzo Fruit Co., V.
Scanncll Leather Co., Alfred
Scarritt-Comstock Furn. Co.
Schaab Laundry Co.
Schade & Co., Wilfred
Schaefer-Krein Mfg. Co.
Schaefer Wrecking Co., Jacob
Schaeffer Bros. & Powell Mfg. Co.
Schaerff & Pfau
Scharf, L. & A.
Scharff Gro. Co., Nicholas
Scharlott & Brod D. G. Co.
Scharr Bros.
Schick & Lutz
Schiele & Co., Edwin
Schilly Bros.
Schisler-Corneli Seed Co.
Schleiffarth & Co., Chas.
Schlieper & Graf
Schmidt Malt Co., Rud.
Schmidt Planing Mill Co., F.
Schmitz & Shroder
Schneider Bros.
Schneider Granite Co.
Schneider Wholesale Liquor Co.
Schnell сfe Querl Lumber Co.
Schnettler & Murray
Schoellhorn- Albrecht Mach. Co.
Schoenberg Mfg. Co., F. E.
Schoening A Bro., E. E.
Schoenlau-Kukkuck T. T. & V.  Co.
Schoenthaler Mfg. Co.
Schopp & Co., Geo. P.
Schott & Co., A.
Schottler Granitoid Co., J. C.
Schottmueller Expo. Cigar Co.
Schowengerdt & Son, E.
Schrader & Giessow
Schreiber (& Klein) & Co., W. F.
Schreiner Flack Grain Co.
Schrick & Co.
Schroeter Bros.
Schroeter Coal Co.
Schulte & Bro., F. H.
Schulz Bros.
Schwaab Clothing Co.
Schwarting & Keck
Schwarz & Wild
Schwarzer Moulding Co.
Schweer Brick Co., H. H.
Schwehr & Son, Wm.
Schweickhardt, R. & F.
Schwerdtmann Toy Co.
Scott A Co., Oreon E.
Scott & Farrar R. Co.
Scott & Son, John
Scott Pressroom Co., Stewart
Scott Spring Co., Chan.
Scribner's Sons, Chas.
Scripps, Geo. H., Estate
Scudder & Co., James W.
Scudder-Gale Gro. Co.
Scullin-Gallagher I. & S. Co.
Searle & Hereth Co., The
Seckman & Waldorf
Seed Dry Plate Co., M. A.
Seewoster & Schweeke
Seibel-Suessdorf C. & I. Mfg. Co.
Seibert Good & Co.
Selber Gas & Elec. Fix. Mfg.Co.
Sempire Clock Co.
Sender & Co., H.
Senerot Chemical Co.
Sennewald & Co., E. A.
Senter & Co.
Seward Confectionery Co., F. D.
Sexton Stove & Range Co.
Seybold Machine Co.
Shallcross Prtg. & Staty. Co.
Sharp Com. Co., Chris.
Shattinger Piano & Music Co.
Shaughnessy & Co., M.
Shaw & Richmond Prod. Co.
Sheehan-Loler R. E. & I. Co.
Shiebler & Co., Geo. W.
Shinnick & Son, Richard
Shryock-Johnson Mfg. Co.
Shultz Belting Co.
Shultz Ptg. Co.
Sicher Carpet Co., Louis
Sicher-Haynes D. G. Com. Co.
Sickles Saddlery Co., J. B.
Siegrest Lubricator Co.
Sielemann Distilling Co.
Signaigo & Bro, Louis.
Sigoloff Bros.
Silberstein Ladies' Tailor Co.
Silverburg & Co.
Simmons Hardware Co.
Simmons, Loler & Sheehan
Sinclair-Holland Painting Co.
Singer Mfg. Co., The
Skidmore Standard, The
Skinner-Kennedy Stat'y Co.
Skrainka Construction Co.
Sligo Iron Store Co.
Sloane, W. & J.
Sloss, W. P. & S. B.
Smith & Co., H. M.
Smith & Co., L. E.
Smith & Davis Mfg. Co.
Smith & Eastman Co.
Smith & Son, F.
Smith Bros. & Co.
Smith, Howard M., Estate
Smithers & White
Sobolewski, J. & A.
Sodemann Heat & Power Co.
Sommers & Co., D.
Sommers Bros. Mfg. Co.
Sonnenfeld Millinery Co.
Soost Bros.
South St. Louis Foundry
South Arkansas Lumber Co.
South Side Mov. & Stor. Co.
South Side Steam Laundry
South St. Louis Gymnastic Soc.
Southern Hotel, The
Southern Comí. Sav. Bank
Southern Cooperage Co.
Southern History Co.
Southern 111. Natl. Bank.
Southern Pavg. & Const. Co.
Southern Railway Co.
Southwestern Business College
Southwestern Straw Works
Souther Iron Co., E. E.
Spalding Stationery Co.
Sparhawk & Co.
Sparks Bros.
Speier & Friedman Gro. Co.
Spiegel Meat & Prod. Co., A.
Sporting News, The
Sprague Delicatessen Co.
Spring Supply Co., Harry C.
Spuck Architectural Iron Co.
St. Clair Roofing Co.
St. Joe Lead Co.
St. Louis & Big Muddy Coal Co.
St. L. & E. St. L. Elec. Ry. Co.
St. Louis & San Francisco R. R.
St. Louis & Suburban Ry. Co.
St. Louis Amateur Athl. Assn.
St. Louis Architectural Iron Co.
St. Louis Bank & Bar Fixt. Co.
St. L., Belleville & Sub. Ry. Co.
St. Louis BШ Posting Co.
St. Louis Blast Furnace Co.
St. Louis Brewing Association
St. Louis Builders' Association
St. Louis Butchers' Supply Co.
St. Louis Button Co.
St. Louis Car Co.
St. Louis Car Wheel Co.
St. Louis Carb'g & Mfg. Co.
St. Louis Clock & Silverware Co.
St. Louis Coffin Co.
St. Louis Commission Co.
St. Louis Contracting Co.
St. Louis Cooperage Co.
St. Louis Council No. l, K. F. M.
St. Louis Crockery Co.
St. Louis Dairy Co.
St. Louis Deaf Mute Club
St. Louis Edible Nut Co.
St. Louis Electrical Exchange
St. Louis Electrotype Co.
St. Louis Embroidery Co.
St.L. Expanded Metal & F.P.Co.
St. Louis Fair Association
St. Louis Fireworks Co.
St. Louis Florist Club
St. Louis Furn. Board of Trade
St. Louis Furn. Workers' Assn.
St. Louis Glass & Queens. Co.
St. Louis Grocer, The
St. Louis H. & W. Cleaning Co.
St. Louis Hay & Grain Co.
St. Louis Hide & Tallow Co.
St. Louis House Furnishing Co.
St. Louis Journal Publishing Co.
St. Louis Label Works.
St. Louis Laundrymen Assn.
St. Louis Law Printing Co.
St. Louis Leather Co.
St. Louis Mer. Land & Imp. Co.
St. Louis Millinery Co.
St. Louis Mut. Fire Ins. Co.
St. Louis Natl. Stock Yards
St. Louis News Co.
St. Louis Paper Box Co.
St. Louis Paper Co.
St. L. Paper Rulers' Union No. 32
St. Louis Poultry & Game Co.
St. Louis Press Brick Co.
St.L.Ptg.Pressmen's Union No. 6
St. Louis Printers' Supply Co.
St. Louis Ry. Club
St. Louis Refrigerator & Wooden

Gutter Co. St. Louis Roofing Co. St. Louis Sash & Door Co. St. Louis Shoe Co., The St. Louis Shovel Co. St. Louis Silver Co. St. Louis Southwestern Ry. Co. St. Louis Stamp & Coin Co. St. Louis Steam Engine Co. St. L. Stonemasons' L.P.U. No. 1 St. Louis Sweat Pad Works. St. Louis Syrup & Preserving Co. St. Louis Terra Cotta Co. St. Louis Transfer Co. St. Louis Transit Co. St. Louis Traveling Bag Mfg. Co. St. Louis Typo. Union No. 8 St. L. Web Pressmen's Un. No. 2 St. Louis Wire & Iron Co. St. Louis Woodenware Works St. Louis Wrench Co. St. Nicholas Hotel Staed Realty Co.

Stahlhuth & Bro., Sam S.
Stanard Milling Co., E. O.
Standard Asphalt Ref. Co.
Standard Ry. Equipment Co.
Standard Scale & Fixtures Co.
Standard Stamping Co.
Standard Steam Laundry Co.
Standard Syrup Ref., The
Standard Tile Co.
Stansberry Bros.
Star Bottling Co.
Star Engraving Co.
Star Furnace Co.
Star Publishing Co.
Staten Island Dye. & C. Works
Staudte & Rueckholdt Mfg. Co.
Steam & Hot Water Fitters' Natl.
Assn. of Labor, Union No. 33
Steam Fitters' Union No. 29
Stecher Cooperage Works
Stedelin & Co., J. L.
Stedelin Bros.
Steele & Hibbard
Steer Furnishing Goods Co.,F.A.
Steffen & Stoltmann
Stegner Drug Co.
Stehle, Casper & Son
Steinberg Hat & Fur Co., M. J.
Steiner Engraving & Badge Co.
Steiner Jewelry Co.
Steinmeyer Hdw. Co.
Steinwender & Sellner
Steinwender & Stoffregen C. Co.
Stell & Moxter
Stemple Fire Extinguisher Co.
Stephens Litho. & Eng. Co.
Sterling Bros.
Stewart & Co., James
Stickney Cigar Co., W. A.
Stifel & Ruckert
Stix, Baer & Fuller D. G. Co.
Stobie Cereal Mills
Stockhoff Supply Co.
Stoker Bros. Grocery Co.
Stoltmann & Sons, M.
Stonemasons' Int. U. No. 4 of Mo.
Stonemasons' Master Assn.
Storbeck Bros.
Storm & Parish
Stracke & Caesar
Strauss & Co., S.
Strauss & Stumer
Strehlow & Phelps
Strifler Lumber Co., C. E.
Strodtman & Strodtman
Stromberg, Krause & Co.
Studley & Co., R. P.
Stupp Bros. Bridge & Iron Co.
Sturdivant &. Sturdivant
Sudholt Lounge Co.
Sullivan & Miller
Sultan Drug Co.
Summerfield & Co., S.
Superior Laundry Co., The
Superior Press Brick Co.
Susman Bros.
Sutter & Co., Wm.
Sweet & Co., Chas. A.
Swift & Co.
Swope Shoe Co.
Sydow, C. & H.
Syenite Granite Co.
Tacke & Rochow
Taussig, J. & J.
Taylor & Co., F. C.
Taylor & Heiman
Taylor Commission Co., Geo.
Teasdale & Co., J. W.
Templeman & Co., W. J.
Tennent-Stribling Shoe Co.
Tepe Feed Co., Wm.
Terminal Hotel
Terminal R. R. Assn. of St.Louis
Terry & Sons, John H.
Texas Farm & Ranch Pub. Co.
Thalman Printing Ink Co.
Theiling Moulding Co.
Thiebes-Stierlin Music Co.
Third National Bank
Thomas & Proetz Com. Co.
Thomas Law Book Co., F. H.
Thomas Mfg. Co.
Thompson & Ricketts
Thompson & Sons, C. L.
Thompson Dry Goods Co.
Thorn & Hunkins Lime Co.
Thuener Planing Mill Co., Chas.
Thym Cut Stone Co.
Tiger Tail Mill & Land Co.
Timken Carriage Co.
Tobin Bros. Painting Co.
Tobin Painting Co., John D.
Toledo, St. Louis & W. Ry. Co.
Tomb & Co., J. H.
Tower Dry Goods Store
Tower Grove Planing Mill Co.
Trask Fish Co.
Trauernicht-Shanks Com. Co.
Travelers' Prot. Ass'n of Mo.,
Trebus & Kreismann
Treichlinger & Stern
Trescher & Miller
Trinidad Asphalt Mfg. Co.
Trorlicht, Duncker & Renard
Troatel & Sons, Albert
Tully & Clark
Turner & Co., Chas. H.
Turner Real Eatate Co.
Tutt Estate
Tyler Estate
Udell & Co., M. R.
Udell Predock Mfg. Co.
Uhlemeyer A Co.
Uhlenhaut Bros.
Ulrich Bros.
Union Biscuit Co.
Union Brewing Co.
Union Carriage Co.
Union Casualty & Surety Co.
Union Cooperage Co.
Union Dairy Co.
Union Iron & Foundry Co.
Union Loan & Storage Co.
Union Press Brick Works.
Union Roller Milling Co.
Union Sand Co.
Union Trust Co.
United Shoe Machinery Co.
U. S. Cast Iron P. & F. Co.
United States Leather Co., The
United States Wall Paper Co.
Urbauer-Atwood Heating Co.
Van Aliens & Boughton
Van Cleave Lumber Co.
Vandeventer Lumber Co.
Vane Calvert Paint Co.
Van Nort Bros Elec. Co.
Van Nort Elec. Co., E. C.
Van Raalte Investment Co.
Varwig A Schmidt
Venetian Mosaic Granitoid Co.
Venner-Brichler L. & U. Co.
Ven« Sporting Goods Co.
Ver Steeg Shoe Co.
Vienna Model Bakery
Vierheller Adam A Son
Vieths, Claus, Realty & Fin. Co.
Vinsonhaler Shoe Co.
Voelker Com. Co., Otto
Vogel A Strobel
Vogel Bros & Co.
Vogler & Blanke
Von der Au-Cluss Hdw. Co.
Vrooman A Co.
Wabash Railroad
Wachter & Sons Hdw. Co., Emil
Wagenbach & Selling
Wagner & Son, E. L.
Wagner & Son, Frederick
Wagner Carriage & W. Mfg. Co.
Wagner Electric Mfg. Co.
Wahl Com. Co., John
Wahlert & Guntzler
Waider & Co., John M.
Waldeck & Co., Wm. C.
Waldeck Bros.
Waldeck Provision Co., J. C. C.
Waldstein Lumber Co.
Walker & Co., G. H.
Walker Funiture Co., H.
Walker Loan Co., Ben.
Walker Pharm. Co.
Wall & Marske
Wallis & Zimmerly
Waltke & Co., Wm.
Wangelin & Co., E. H.
Wangler Boiler & Sheet Iron Co.
Ward & Hopkins
Warren-Wetteroth Co.
Washington, Frank & John
Washington Mut. Fire Ins. Co.
Wasserman & Co.
Wasserman, Bennett & Co.
Waters Pierce Ou Co.
Watson Investment Co.
Watts & George
Webb & Son, Richard
Webber Moulding Co., J. R.
Weber & Co., F.
Weber & Damme Wagon Co.
Weber & Groves
Weber & Son, J. G.
Weber A Sons Nursery Co., H. J
Weber Drayage & Warehouse Co.
Weber Gro. Co., John F. & Bro.
Webster, Warren & Co.
Wednesday Club, The
Wehrle, Frank & Sons
Weidle, Geo. R., Estate
Weigelt Glass & Mirror Mfg. Co.
Weinheimer & Opp
Weir Produce Co., A.
Weis & Jennett
Weiss Jewelry Co.
Welch Grape Juice Co., The
Welle-Boettler Bakery Co.
Weller & Co., Chas.
Wells Land & Imp. Co.
Wenneker-Morris Candy Co.
Werner Bros.
Werner Saw Mill Co., Louis
Wernse & Dieckman
Wertheimer-Swarts Shoe Co.
Wescott Commission Co.
West Disinfecting Co.
West End Forage & Supply Co.
West St. Louis Mach. & Tool Co.
Westerhaus Bros.
Western Brewery Co.
Western Candy& Bak.SupplyCo.
Western Electrical Supply Co.
Western Furniture Co.
Western F'ry & Sash Weight Co.
Western Iron & Supply Co.
Western Leather Co.
Western Poultry & Game Co.
Western Ry. Equipment Co.
Western Rock Salt Co.
Western Rowing Club
Western Sale Stable Co.
Western Steam Broom Co.
Western Tea & Spice Co.
Western Union Telegraph Co.
Western Wall Paper Co.
Western Watchman
Westinghouse Air Brake Co.
Westinghouse Elec. Mfg. Co.
Westliche Post & Anzeiger
Westminster Laundry Co.
Wetmore Tobacco Co., M. C.
Wheeling Corrugating Co.
White, Branch A McConkin
Whitehead-Hoag Co., The
Whitelaw Bros.
Whitman Agricultural Co.
Widbin Bros.
Widmann, Walsh A Boisselier
Wiebusch & Son Ptg. Co., Aug.
Wieden & Son, A.
Wiegreffe & Heintz
Wiethop & Venarde
Wiggins Ferry Co.
Wiley Saddlery Co., The
Wilkinson-Hagenmiller Com.Co.
Williams & Co., H.
Williams & Co., Milton F.
Williams, Eugene F., Estate of
Williamson & Gunning Sign Co.
Williamson Corset & Brace Co.
Willis Coal & Mining Co., The
Wilson & Son, J. W.
Window Dresser & Chand'r Co.
Winheim Bros.
Winkle Terra Cotta Co.
Wolf & Kraemer Furn. Co.
Wismath & Sons, Chas.
Witte & Co., C. H.
Witte & Umrath
David  R. Francis'  Book-
The Universal Exposition of 1904

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