Exhibit Statictics:

Building cost: 2,000 dollars
Price of Admission-  Free, but 20 cents for 7 shots.
Exhibition Profit-    15,313.88  dollars
Savage Model 1903-22 Caliber Repeater, the gun used in the Hunting in the Ozarks attraction.
The exterior  of the Hunting in the Ozarks shooting  gallery.
This `coupon,'  was  given out by the Savage Arms Co. which  exhibited at 9B of the Palace of  Manufacturers.  The ticket gave Fairgoers two  free shots  at `Hunting in the  Ozarks.'  Digital picture, sent in by Mike Truax (1904 WFS) and Gary Groshel .  Click on the above ticket (and toggle down)  to see their ad.
The Hunting in the Ozarks was essentially a shooting gallery with a huge and impressive twist. Instead of leaning against a rail
and shooting objects lined in a row, as in a  carnival,  the marksman (or woman), would fire  in a huge area populated by squirrels, rabbits, quail, deer, bear; every Ozark game animal from the Missouri/Arkansas Ozark country was represented. They  glided in and out  real trees, rocks, water, and foliage on rails.

The Savage Model 1903-22 Caliber Repeater, and  semi-smokeless shot was used in this shooting  gallery.

Though the attraction was free, the concession charged a rather pricey 20 cents for only 7 shots.
Lee  Gaskins'   AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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A Hereafter  ticket (not it's true tint)
COnstructing the atraction March 1904