Exhibit Statictics:

Building cost: 25,000 dollars
Price of Admission-   25 cents adults & 15 cents children
add.  25 cents for theater
Exhibition Profit-       69,961.80  dollars
Lee  Gaskins'   AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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Streets of Seville (Old Seville)  opened on  May 10 and was the only woman-designed attraction ( by Mrs. Hattie McCall Travis, who sadly passed before the Fair opened). Visitors would enter the exhibit onto a replica of the Plaza de Toros
in Madrid.

The reproduction of the Marketplace of Triana and Gypsy Lane of Barcelona, allowed visitors to browse and buy many Spanish wares. The marketplace also included a cafe, while the Gypsy Lane contained more entertainers, dressed in colorful street garb.

The  Theater de Los Flores featured Spanish dancers and music, and a marionette with model bull fight.
There was a life-like bullfight model, with 200 figures 28 inches in height.
One could see burros walking down the street with jugs of water for patrons to drink.

In a separate entrance for "Girl from Madrid", Spanish fashions from village girls to aristocracy were shown and was very popular with the lady visitors.

A mariachi band  from the Seville attraction.
Streets  of  Seville (picture  sent and courtesy of Mike Truax 1904 WFS president).