Streets of Cairo  replicated both ancient and modern 
Egyptian streets. It opened on  May 10, and was generally a
much larger version of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair exhibit)

The attraction consisted of  26 Egyptian buildings of Arabic
architecture and  67 booths and stands.

You could see  street musicians, singing gypsies, entertainers, 
monkeys, snake charming, donkey & camel rides, trained goats, street performers and jugglers, and other exotic attractions.

The exhibit included the International Restaurant, which seated  2,000 and the  Alexandria Café, decorated in Egyptian splendor. The servers were all  Egyptian-born. There you could dine on native cuisine or smoke an authentic waterpipe.

Algerian, Tunisian Village and Egyptian Temple exhibits were at 1893 Chicago World's Fair.
Exhibit Statictics:

Building cost: 90,000 dollars
Price of Admission-   25 cents adults & 15 cents children
  add. 20 cents for guides and 75 cents- other attractions.
Exhibition Profit-       137,172.49  dollars
Lee  Gaskins'  MEET ME AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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