Shoot the Chutes, also called Water Chutes and Fairyland, was a huge water boat slide that would carry patrons down a massive 350 foot long  slide, where they would splash into a  380 foot lake.

Capt. Paul Boynton, of swimming fame, operated  the concession on the Pike. It was the largest double chutes ever built, costing one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.  The frontage of the attraction was  300 
feet, making the largest open air concession on the Pike. There were  more electric lights used in this concession than in any three others, and from its brilliancy it is known as Fairyland. 

An attendant would hook the boat safely to the dock. It was also nicknamed  Fairyland because 
of the brilliancy of the electric lights at night.  The attraction also  had the largest open-air concession at the Fair.   Many souvenirs could be  purchased. 

It was the largest double  chute ride ever built.   The attraction had a moving pictures of a prize fight to entice Pikegoers  to enter.

The two restaurants on each side were  the largest in the grounds with their roof gardens. The 
ticket sellers are the famous four Beautiful Women who were selected as  the four most beautiful women in St. Louis. 

Shoot the Chutes was  a free attraction with the various venders paying a fee to sell their wares, but to riding the Chutes 10 cents. 
Exhibit Statictics:

Building cost: 150,000 dollars
Price of Admission-   10 cents  
Lee  Gaskins'  MEET ME AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair  
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Shoot the Chutes, with digitzed color.  LG.  
Constructing Shoot the Chutes
Constructing Shoot the Chutes