Exhibit Statictics:

Building cost:     70,000  dollars
Price of Admission-  25 cents adults 15 cents children.
Exhibition Profit-    173,403.58

A view from the southeast of the New York to the North Pole concession under construction for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition -- the 1904 World's Fair. A Pike concession, it was located south of the Pike strip, west of the Palace of Transportation
A 200 x 50 foot full-sized replica of the  ocean liner- "Discoverer," in  water was the starting point for  the proceedings. Visitors would board the Atlantic liner and observe the daily life of an arctic adventurer. Inside, mechanisms and moving artwork outside the portholes gave the illusion that the vessel was at  sea. Storms brought forth lifeboats and the visitors were evacuated until it was `deemed safe,’ to return the boat, where  the entertainment continued. The showstopper was Senor Cameroni hanging from his teeth 150 feet high, until he swung down 2,142 feet to the ground. 

The final leg of their journey was in a large   auditorium that gave the illusion that they were    still on the boat, moving through ice flows. A realistic Aurora Borealis was shown in the  sky.

After a  20 minute voyage, visitors arrived at the North Pole, which was shown to look like a Jules Verne-like    Hyperborean  world of tropical  climate  surrounded by the cold world of ice. 500 visitors at a time could partake of    this attraction. 
New York to the North Pole attraction seen  from  main  entrance.
Lee  Gaskins'   AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair  
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Constructing  NY to  the  North Pole  attraction
The  different photos  and  angles of  the   NY to  the  North Pole  attraction. The right picture also  showcases the Great  Observation  wheel seen  from  across  the  railroad  train track.