Glass weaving was a well-established art form in Europe but was  rarely used  in the United States.
J.A. Decknatel and Son established this unusual show of weaving glass as if it was made out of fabric.
Weaving the fiery glass into thread, they produced an array  gowns,  neckties, napkins, large tablecloths- all  out of glass. On occasion, their products were even combined with silk.

Each patron was given a small colored glass bow  as a souvenir.   Decknatel's company also produced a diverse collection of traditional glass items such as plates, vases, bowls, and glasses. 

The Glass Weavers building at the 1904 World's Fair sportedan interesting protractor-like sign,  with the  words- `Jewel
of the Pike'  in the arc.

Exhibit Statistics

Price of Admission-  25 cents adults 15 cents

Glass weaving on the Pike.
Lee  Gaskins'  AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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Constructing the attraction, Feb. 1904.