Exhibit Statictics:

Building cost: 80,000 dollars
Price of Admission-  50 cents adults, 25 cents children
Exhibition Profit-   347,747.20 dollars
Lee  Gaskins'  AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair  
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'Italy' from  the revolving stage of the  Creation  attraction (photo courtesy of Mike Truax)
One of the most elaborate facades on any attraction along The Pike, was Creation.  Created by  Henry Roltair, a popular and successful dime museum illusionist, who replicated his famed Coney  Island attraction.  The ride began as a 1,000 foot backwards glide  to begin the  1/2 mile gondola ride  through the biblical story of Creation. After the boats landed, visitors were directed to another `cave'  that displayed illusions of  a living woman, cut in half, a talking black man  set atop  of a pitchfork. 

Upon ascending a  dark staircase, they entered the viewing platform of a vast cyclorama depicting  Venice and Rome in the first century. Then a six-foot wide circular moving platform  led patrons onto stationary boats which bobbed in the illusionary water as painted panoramas  rotated.

Riders would then be moved to a grand amphitheater that seated approximately 400 spectators.

After soft thunder and various celestial backdrops,  a booming voice spoke- "Let there be Light!"  Choirs, lighting effects and artwork illustrated the beginning of the earth.  Lightning booms from high above, a volcano erupts as rivers of lava pour down. 

Each day of  `Creation,'  was dramatically illustrated with different painted  backdrops, pyrotechnics, projections, and other marvelous  effects.

After the final day, a calm ensues, forests and animal life appear (including dinosaurs),  then audiences could make out an actor playing the part of  Adam, lying on a bed of roses. After losing a rib, Eve can be seen. The exhibit closed with four angels standing at the head of three stairways in dramatic splendor. Flowers illuminate.

The entire Creation attraction took two hours to experience.  The show was extremely popular as well as profitable.

The attraction was also  called "Roltair's Creation"