with over 400 actors employed  in this Pike attraction, Ancient  Rome gave the pike-goers the 
illusion of going back in  time to a life of gladiators and  chariot races in the Augustine Period of 

A large arena, called the Hippodrome showcased chariot race, jousting, boxing, and
gladiatorial clashes  with broadsword. 

Huge gladiatorial  spectacles included: 200 persons, 40 animals ( including tigers, lions, and  leopards).

The finale was a reproduction of Nero's Rome burning.

Inhabited in the same  Ancient Rome attraction,  a totally out-of-place  The Spirit of Fire", a Hawaiian 'god'  (a replica of  Kilauea Volcano), sported clouds of incense, smoke and  artificial  fire.

The cyclorama of the Volcano of Kilauea, Hawaii was at 1893 Chicago World's Fair

Walter W. Burridge, a painter, of Chicago, visited Hawaii and made a two-years' study of the mountain; thereafter, with a corps of assistants, he painted and built the cyclorama, the entire expense rising to 80,000 dollars.  Also  represented was the throne and uniform of the late king of Hawaii, with the furniture and equipments of his palace, relics of by-gone days.

On the premises was a restaurant for  public and for Fair employees.

Most visitors found Ancient Rome an educational exhibit.

12 chariots were used for the shows. 

It was billed as the coolest spot at the Fair.

Exhibit Statistics

Price of Admission-  10 cents adults
Another 25 cents to see volcano
Possibly another charge for the theater. 

Exhibition Profit-      46,904.60  dollars
Lee  Gaskins'   AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair  
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Newspaper Ad  for Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome attration on the Pike
Ancient Rome attration construction