Since this  site opened up in March 16, 2008 with 145 pages of information,   I believe that I have updated this 1904 World's Fair site more than  any  WF site on the Internet  (of course I  may  be  wrong).  Since the list was getting  long, I added an  ARCHIVED UPDATES button above for the curious to check out how much I have  done prior to the below listing.   I will still upgrade and add information  to  this site as I  can. Being a full-time teacher, while taking care of elderly parents,  does make it  tough though.

February  7,    2010:    Overhauled  and  added  a dozen plus  pictures  to  the Famous People  who  visited or  worked the 1904 World's  Fair in the Misc.  section. 

February  10,    2010:    Added  a Camp  Lewis  page  in the  Misc.  section  and  some  editing  in various  areas. 

February  12,    2010:    Overhauled  and  added  a dozen plus  pictures  to  the Famous People  who  visited or  worked the 1904 World's  Fair in the Misc.  section. 

February  13,    2010:    Added two photos  to  the  Constructing  the  Fair  in  the  Misc.  section. Added two images to the After the Fair page in the  Misc. section.

February  15,    2010:    Added  a photo  to  the  Grandeur at the Fair  page  in the  Misc.  Section. Added  another  photo  from  the  Pike in the  Pike  Section.  Added a photo of the Iowa  Bldg. in the States  Section. Added two  photos of    Seveille in the Streets  of  Seville/Pike  section. Added a picture of the destroyed Observational  Wheel  to  the  Pike and After the Fair  section.  Added a sobotage story  to  the  Aeronautic Concourse   page in the  Misc. section.  Added one  addition to the  Famous People  who  visited or  worked the 1904 World's  Fair in the Misc.  section. 

February  21,    2010:    Had a  huge  problem of  lost information in the Famous Performers  and  Fairgoers  section.  I luckily  fixed it  and then broke the one  big  page  into   four  smaller ones. Added two  notable people  on page  four.  Also  added more info.  to  the  Foods Facts  page in Misc.  section.  Added  three   online  book  links  to  the Books Aonline page in the  Misc.  section. Added  authors  and  pages  to  the  other  books. 

February  27,    2010:     Added one  addition to the  Famous People  who  visited or  worked the 1904 World's  Fair in the Misc.  section (page 4).   Added two  large  pages in the  Misc.  Section- Racism  and  Living Zoos and  added three images.  

March 2,    2010:     Added one  image  to  the   Great Anthracite Coal Mine page in the   Misc.  Section. 

March 3,    2010:     Added  four  additions to the  Famous People  who  visited or  worked the 1904 World's  Fair in the Misc.  section.

March 6,    2010:     New Splash page. Added  two additions to the  Famous People  who  visited or  worked the 1904 World's  Fair in the Misc.  section. Fixed  some  grammar. 

March 7,    2010:     Added a new page- Staff,  in the Misc.  section.   Site maintenance.

March 11,    2010:     Added three more photos to the Construction  at  the  Fair  page  in the  Misc.  Section.   Added  one  addition to the  Famous People  who  visited or  worked the 1904 World's  Fair in the Misc.  section.

March 13,    2010:     Added   two more   additions  to the  Famous People  who  visited or  worked the 1904 World's  Fair in the Misc. Added a Fair Calendar  page  and a Death  at  the Fair in the Misc.  section.  

March 14,    2010:     Added    a:   The City of St. Louis  and the Fair  page  in the Misc.  section.  Added a few  `missing'  images  as  well as  added  more Fair info.  here  and  there.  Another name  in the Death at the Fair  page in the  Misc.  section. 

March 22,    2010:     Added    a four  images  of  the Original  Photos at the Fair, and added a fourth page, in the Misc.  section. 

March 23,    2010:     Added    an  image  of  the Original  Photos at the Fair, on page  four, in the Misc.  section.  Maintenance. 

March 27,    2010:     Added    an  image  to the Palaces  page, in the Palace  section. 

March 28,    2010:     Added    some small images to  the  Fair Calendar  page in the Misc.  section,  added a  Companies  at the Fair  page  in the  Misc.  section  and  started to  add  16  companies that  were  there. Added  one addition to the  Famous People  who  visited or  worked the 1904 World's  Fair in the Misc.  section.

March 30,    2010:     Got rid of  the Fair  Calendar. 

April 3,    2010:     Added  13 more companies  to  the   Companies  at the Fair  page  in the  Misc.  section 

April 7,    2010:     Added  5 images to  the Lesser Known buildings  and  exhibits  page in the Misc. section.

April 8,    2010:     Added  eight  more companies to  the   Companies  at the Fair  page  in the  Misc.  section and  added  thirteen  images  to  this  same  page.  Added two Steinway piano  images  to  the New York State page in the States  Section.  Added an image  to  the Anthrocite Coal Mine  page in the Misc.  section. Added two images for  the Battle  Abbey  page in the Pike  section. Added  a picture of Model  City to  the Model City page in the  Misc.  section.  Added a butter sculpture  to  the Food Sculptures/Oddites  page in the  Misc. section. 

April 11,    2010:     Added  one image to  the People at the  Fair  page in the Misc. section.  Reinstated the Fair Calendar, but took  a  lot of  the details out to  make it  a more  general  calendar, in the Misc.  Section. 

April 22,    2010:     Added  one company to  the Companies  at the Fair  page  in the  Misc.  Section.  Added a  Special  Exhibits  section in the  Misc.  Page. And  a  Photographing the Fair- the  thoughts  of William H. Rau in that  exhibit.   

April 24,    2010:      Added  `How to Reach the Fair,' and `President Roosevelt's  address' in the   Special  Exhibits  section in the  Misc.  Page. 

April 25,    2010:      Added   `Secretary of State's  address' and four Governor proclamations to  the   Special  Exhibits  section in the  Misc.  Page. 

July 13,  2010:   It's  been a  long, long  time  (in-joke).  I added 4 original Fair photos to  the Private  Fair Photos  and  a destroyed Ferris  wheel  to  the   After the Fair  section  all in the  Misc.  section.

July 30,  2010:   Added  33 new book links  included two  large  volumes  in the  Books  Online  page in the  Misc.  section.  Also  alphabetized  all the  book links. 

August 6,  2010:   Added  another page  (seven), to  the Paintings Exhibited at the Fair.  Added four paintings to  the  same  pages  in the  Misc.  section. 

August 12,  2010:   Added  two thank yous to friends from this  site.  Added a picture of John Phillip Sousa  at  the  Fair. in th Music at the Fair/Misc. section.  Added a picture of the Wisconsin Bldg. under construction in  the WI page  state  section. 

September 3, 2010:  Did  some  site  maintenance and  added two photos  of  the  NY  to  the  North  Pole Pike  attraction. 

September 26, 2010:   Added one interior image of the Palace of  Fine  Arts and an orignal Floral Clock image  in the Private Fair  Photos (page 4), in the Misc. page. 

November 20, 2010:   Added one blimp picture  for the  Aeronautic Concourse section in the Misc. page. 

January 15, 2011:   Added four  Pike  images  in  the Pike  section.  Also  fixed  a lot  of  site  problems  due  to  Homestead's  not  WYSIWYG  builder.

March 24, 2011:   Fixing  errors  and   grammar.

April 3, 2011:   Added  three pictures on the  Construction  the Fair  page, in the  Misc.  section.

June 3, 2011:   Added  three pictures (including one of  Helen  Keller),  on page four of  the Private Fair Photograph page in the  Misc.  section. 

June 4, 2011:   Added  a page five to  the Private Fair Photographs page and  added  four  more original  photos in the  Misc.  section.

June 28, 2011:   Added  four  painting  to   the Paintings Exhibited at the Fair on page  seven in the  Misc.  section.

August 15, 2011:   Fixing  a problem with the United  States  Gov. Building  in Nations  section  (the link  was  missing). Updated  links  to  every  nation  and  fixed  grammar.

August 22, 2011:   Added  a picture of the Glass Weavers  building on  the Pike,  in the  Pike  section. Changed the  site's info.  from Glass Weaving  to  Glass Weavers.

September 3, 2011:   Added  a  new page  to  the  Misc. section-  Water  at  the  Fair. 

September 12, 2011:   Added  a  partial picture of  thr International Doll House in the Lesser Know  Buildings  page in the Misc. section.   Added a Farie Floss picture in Food Facts page in Misc.  section. 

November 25, 2011:   Added  a  new `famous,' Fair-attendee'- Simon Newcomb to  the  Famous  Performers/Fairgoers in the  Misc.  section.

January 7, 2012:   Added  two  galleries of  modern Fair  Art. in Misc.  section

June 3, 2011: Fixed  a lot  of  grammatical  errors.  Thanks  Linda! 

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have deleted all the updates  from MANY years back, and just included the most recent.

As you can see the updates  between 2012 and  May 2018 were minimal.  Call it burnt out, whatever.  In June of 2018, I decided to do  MASSIVE  revamping of this site.

Here are the latest updates:

January 7, 2012:   Added  two  galleries of  modern Fair  Art. in Misc.  section

June 3, 2012: Fixed  a lot  of  grammatical  errors.  Thanks  Linda!  

August  21, 2013:  Added  a photo  in  Vulcan  Page.  Thanks  Derek! 

January  2014:  New   streamlined Main  page   and  links  fix.  

March 8, 2014:  Added  the  Innside  Inn  Menu  to  it's  respected  page in  the Misc.  section. 

July 23, 2014:  Started  to  fix  massive  spacial  problems  due  to  software.  This  is  going  to  take  months  to  repair!   Added  a 1904 WF  appreciation Facebook  
link  and  description. Re-worked Contact  page  and  reinstated  Guestbook.  

July 25, 2014:  Added  more  info.  about  the  Observation Wheel  in  Misc.  section. 

February  2, 2015:  Added  another  book  link  to  the Fair  Books  in  the Misc.  section.

February  8, 2015:  Added  new page (empty)  of  Original Photos in  the Misc.  section.

November 4, 2015:  Added  info. to  Gunshots  at  the Fair in Misc.  section. 

November 28, 2015:  Added  photo  in Fair  Construction  sec.  of  Misc. page 

August 7, 2016:  Added  photo  Hereafter  attraction  in Pike Section 

October 22, 2017:  Added  photo of Sunnybrook Distillery in Little Know Buildings/Misc. section.

June/July  2018:  A  MASSSIVE UPDATE TO THE ENTIRE SITE. Toning down the excess images, and making it easier to navigate and see.  I  fixed a lot of messed up links and pages. Some info. has been partially blocked (like Companies at the Fair),  typos fixed, added pages. And re-scaled every pager on this site. Fixed links, errors, and added a  lot of information on State and Pike attractions.  Renamed every page as well (so it won't be read as simply- Palaces) Added Links to Fair Videos, more books, and sites.  

July/August  2019:  Adding various pictures, and info. and  a lot more content.  Added info. on Famous people at the Fair, Food Facts, and Racism at the Fair. Fixed some mistakes.   

June 2020 through 2021: Massive update of images, adding many new elements, more artist exhibitors, food facts, Creation, and other updates.  

August 20, 2021: New title page.