Lee  Gaskins'   AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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Charles Albert  Lopez,  sculptor
Entitled-  Meriwether Lewis
Location: Terrace
Solon  H. Borglum,  sculptor
Entitled-  Reveries of a Pioneer

Giseppe Moretti,  sculptor
Entitled-  Vulcan
Location: Palace of  Mines and  Metallurgy

See the  Vulcan page:
Daniel C. French,  sculptor
Entitled-  Napoleon
Location:  Left approach to Cascades
Philip  Martiny,  sculptor
Entitled-  Triumph of Apollo
Location:  Above the Fountain of Festival  Hall.
J. Flanagan,  sculptor
Entitled-  Joseph Henry
Location:  East Entrance to Palace of Electricity
C. H. Niehaus,  sculptor
Entitled-  Apotheosis of St. Louis
Location:  Plaza of St. Louis
J. E. Fraser,  sculptor
Entitled-  Cherokee Chief
Location:  East  Court
A. P. Proctor,  sculptor
Entitled-  Louis Joliet
Location:  Plaza of  St. Louis
Entitled-  Agriculture
Location:  Missouri State Bldg. facade.
J.  Scott Hartley,  sculptor
Entitled-  Pierre  Laclede
Location: east  approach  to  Art Hill
SCULPTURE  AT  THE  FAIR  (photos)            
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Sculpture at the Fair
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Sculpture at the Fair
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Sculpture at the Fair