(fairgoers in photographs)

Lee  Gaskins'   AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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Three fairgoers and two performers  posing  for  a  picture in front of the British Restaurant in Mysterious  Asia.

Fairgoers  at the exit of  the  Fair.
With roughly 20,000,000 attendees at the 1904 World's  Fair,  there were plenty of  fairgoers. This  small section of At the Fair website,  will  show  a few of the visitors that  attended the Exposition.  For this section, I decided to pass on the photo tinting.
One of the most  famous  Fair photographs, notice  the ice  cream  cones in the children's  hands.
This woman whose name is Dorthy  is obviously  enjoying the World's Fair in  front of  Fair  Japan.
Though there were massive crowds at the Fair,  there were places that  couples could walk to  avoid the trongs.
Fairgoers posing on the  grass for  a photo. Notice the Ralston bag  in front of the women on the  left.
`Aunt' Christine posing at the Fairgrounds with  friends eating  a box lunch.
                                    (Photo courtesy of Byron Renner)
A couple enjoying the French Pavilion grounds.