Lee  Gaskins'   AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair  
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This hundred plus year  old  Rand McNally map
of the US,  was copyrighted   in 1901; the map  promoted and was used well    before  the St. Louis  Fair. It  was published by  Woodward and Tiernan Publish Co., St. Louis, Mo.  

On the back of the map is a great deal   of
information about the Louisiana Purchase, what
will be at the 1904 World's Fair and the city of St. Louis.  I  thank Dan Ruth for providing the excellent photo of this map. 
Norbury Lansing Wayman,  was a draftsman, historian,  and an  artist. In 1950, he created an amazing detailed map of the Fair; it's scale rivaled the ambitious proportions of the Exposition itself. Created from pencil and watercolor,  this nine by three foot map even showcased the foreground scenic railway, which  aerial views usually did not include. 

Norbury worked an an  enormous  amount of maps and aerial work,  He chronicled many of  St. Louis' historical districts as well as the  zoo,  the city of St. Louis, Missouri research and many other cities. 

Norbury died in  1986.
This is  a small detail of the above map. Please excuse the color  problems with  shooting with no  flash in the Missouri Historical Museum. 
Photos courtesy of: Dan Ruth
I enlarged this page to house a larger-scaled map, so you can see more detail.  The first map is a drastically scaled-down version of  what is lower, so you can see the entire Fairgrounds, below this, you can read all the print (albeit blurred). So PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE DETAILED MAP (6,000 pixels wide),  and other  maps  below. 
MAPS OF  THE  FAIR            
Pan for close-up drawing/map.
Pan for close-up map.
Pike Map