AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair  
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At the north end of the Agriculture Palace, was the Great Floral Clock, which operated from 8am to 8pm . 

Christian Bernard Mundt,  was the Floral designer commissioned by Cornelli Seed Company, while Paul J. Ostrowski, a Polish youth from  Milwaukee,  was the engineer of the 112 foot wide floral clock- the largest clock in the world.  The mechanism  was run by compressed air, while motive power originated  from the Exposition power house. 

The  minute hand alone weighed more than  a ton (2,700 pounds), and  was 75 feet long. The massive hand moved five feet per minute.  

The smaller The hour hand was 50 feet long. 

Each number, composed of  flowers was fifteen  feet tall. 

At the upper edge of the dial, stood a 5,000 pound bell was struck on the hour and half hour. 

The clock would then have 13,000 flowering plants covering its face.  At night, it was said to have been illuminated by a thousand lights.  

A  large bronze gear mechanism turned the hands by a steel shaft 4 inches in diameter, which ran underground  to a pavilion  outside of the dial circuit.  The master pneumatic clock was a smaller timepiece that controlled the gigantic floral timepiece, it was created by the Johnson Service Company of Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1903. 

The Master Clock mechanism  which operated  the  gigantic  floral  hands.