Lee  Gaskins'  AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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I  want  to publicly  thank  Mr. Mike Truax, President of the 1904 World's Fair  Society for the incredible
guided tour for my  wife and I of  Forest Park as well as a surprise stop-off at the Arch.  Mike explained  where many of the Fair's   structures once stood  while  we  gazed on grassy hills, park  areas  and  golf courses.   His knowledge and enthusiasm is   amazing and captivating.  Of course,  we never  met  before,  and  had only  a handful of email correspondences prior to rendezvousing in Forest Park; ie-  he  didn't  have  to  the take the  time, fuel, to do this, but  he  did.  I will never  forget  this. 

I also  want  to  thank  Mike  for getting me active in the 1904  World's Fair  Society, as  well  as   suggestions  for  my  site.

Mike, knowing you  is  an honor, and even  though  we live over a thousand miles  away, I  consider you  a
friend, and of course a friend of this  site. Thank you!
Mike Truax
Thank you Byron  for sending  me  scanned original images of  his `Aunt' Christine  who attended the  1904 World's Fair  with  three others.  She  seems  to  have  a grand  time.  This  site  can  only  be  as  good  as  the few  fine  people  who  help  and  make it  worth my  while  to  continue  building At the Fair.  Byron,   I  salute  you  sir!
Byron Renner
Mark Metcalf is a very  cool musician, hockey player and   human  being; he also has  a passion for the 1904 World's Fair. Thanks for  sending me the digital pictures of the sterocards and the  Historical Society book. You  are a class person and it's been a smash communicating  back  and  forth  through  the past  year.  Cheers  Mark!
Mark Metcalf
Thank you Roy. It's neat  that someone who I don't know, out of the blue  sent  me  published digitals of  Roy Knabenshue flying Thomas Baldwin's non-rigid dirigible. Thanks  Roy! 
Roy Mize
Karl M. Kindt III
Thank you for sending me that huge panoramic photo of the Fair, that I helped on. How you lined up those photos was nothing short of magical.  Your skills in Photoshop are  amazing Sir.  Cheers!