1901 — 1913

Classified Statements of Receipts, Disbursements, Assets and

Up to and including
Receipts. Capital Liabilities.

Collections on subscriptions to capital stock,

Exhibit "A"


City of St. Louis appropriation $5,000,000.00

United States Government aid $4,750,000.00

United States Government aid, gold coins $250,000.00        $14,924,313.11

Loans Contracted.

United States Government $4,600,000.00

Loans on security of capital stock subscriptions $438,000.00      $5,038,000.00


Admissions collections Exhibit "B" $6,243,353.95

Concessions collections Exhibit "C" $2,879,843.44

Catlin tract rentals Exhibit "C" $218,187.50

Intramural Railway receipts $627,473.84

Service, light, power, water permits and miscellaneous

receipts Exhibit "D" $662,126.67

Transportation collections Exhibit "E" $222,462.82

Music department collections $146,538.48

Premium on souvenir gold corns (less exp.) $53,437.94

Photo pass receipts, Pre-Exposition $7,497.00

Photo pass receipts, Exposition $42,839.00 50,336.00

Interest on deposits Exhibit "G" $292,085.71

Miscellaneous collections Exhibit "H" $172,351.49

Salvage $617,299.59                 $12,185,497.43

Special Funds.

Badges sold, unredeemed $6,540.00

Pay roll account, unclaimed wages $5,438.16               $11,978.16


Liabilities of the LoUisiana Purchase Exposition Company,
September 30, 1913.


Pbeliminary Expenses $37,418.78

Construction Exhibit "I" $16,747,815.85

Rent Of Grounds And Buildings. .Exhibit "J" $1,287,660.70

Maintenance And Operation . ...Exhibit "K" $1,094,546.69

Exhibits Division Exhibit "L" $2,275,417.36

Exploitation Exhibit "M" $1,498,537.03

Protection Exhibit "N" $1,113,209.66

Concessions And Admissions. .. .Exhibit "0"   $590,994.18

Executive And Administrative.. .Exhibit "P"

Auditor's office $ 82,019.97

Collector's office $39,647.03

Incidental expenses $41,592.38

Legal department $176,524.13

Local treasurer $13,183.85

President's office $10,943.65

President's contingent fund $1,479.63

Secretary's office $208,986.55

Supply department $21,443.74

Treasurer's office $31,828.11       $627,649.04

Transportation Bureau Exhibit "Q" $378,283.79

Sundry Disbursements Exhibit "R" $119,055.05

Park Restoration $294,849.24

Park Restoration, Art Museum $67,168.67

Park Restoration, unveiling St. Louis statue $1,085.89

Park Restoration, Exposition memorial $1,583.85 364,687.65

Board Of Lady Managers Exhibit "S"  $97,305.14

Jefferson Memorial Building  $476,565.05

National Commission, Salaries And Expenses

Exhibit "T" $239,095.46

Loans Repaid $5,038,000.00

Special Installation Of Exhibits $125,000.00

Less net receipts General Service Co $97,710.52        $27,289.48

Jefferson Dedication Ceremonies $5,570.68

Cash Balances $687.11

Certificates of deposit $140,000.00        $140,687.11


Nor»:—The liqUidation of the affairs of the LoUisiana Purchase Exposition Company has not been entirely completed. Minor liabilities incUrred on accoUnt of the Jefferson Memorial remain to be settled. Litigation is pending. Several claims are to be adjUsted. The work of final settlement will be expedited as rapidly as practicable.

Capital Stock Collections:


Call No. 1.—10% on 528,568 shares $528,568.00

Call No. 2—20% on 494,875 shares $989,750.00

Call No. 3.—20% on 493,871 shares $987,742.00

Call No. 4.—20% on 509,663 shares $1,019,326.00

Call No. 5.—20% on 464,669 shares $929,338.00

Call No. 6.—10% on 469,223 shares $469,223.00

Fractional amounts collected through legal department 366.11 $4,924,313.11

Amounts collected during Pro-Exposition period..

Amounts collected during Exposition period

Amounts collected during Post-Exposition period.

$4,657,593.22   $121,525.98   $145,193.91


Admissions Collections:


Pro-Exposition period

Exposition period, April 30th and May, 1904   $290,411.21

Exposition period, June, 1904  $867,362.50

Exposition period, July, 1904  $703,187.35

Exposition period, August, 1904  $916,914.55

Exposition period, September, 1904  $1,209,925.60

Exposition period, October, 1904  $1,272,243.99

Exposition period, November, 1904  $740,502.50

Exposition period, December 1, 1904  $47,389.25


Post-Exposition period.




Concessions Collections:


Pre-Exposition period $32,243.06

Exposition period $2,845,628.38

Post-Exposition period $1,972.00

2,879,843.44 Catlin tract rental $218,187.50

EXHIBIT "D" Grounds and Buildings Collections:

Arc light service $14,436.26

Incandescent light service $245,071.73

Miscellaneous light service $12,170.02

Gas light service $5,896.79

Incandescent light connections $5,952.31

Gas connections and inspections $1,805.90

Percentage on gas collections $15,011.58

Electric service $79,901.20

Electric power service $9,155.25

Motor service $89,549.17

Fan power service $2,100.26

Compressed air service $1,345.50

Steam service $1,859.87

Motor connections $2,556.43

Telephone service $2,087.55

Miscellaneous service $22,020.41

Water service $74,081.11

Water applications and inspections $18,979.85

High pressure water applications $3,125.00

High pressure water inspections $1,047.50

Plumbing applications and inspections $7,694.25

Sewer applications and inspections $10,657.00

Permits for buildings $1,015.58

Other permits $830.59

Labor performed $30,298.93

Labor performed at saw mill $950.42

Refund on over-payments $32.50

Miscellaneous 2,493.71 $662,126.67

EXHIBIT "E" Transportation Collections:

Freight and switching, Pre-Exposition period $71,712.65

Freight and switching, Exposition period $142,617.14

Car service $5,106.30

Parking private cars $2,506.00

Miscellaneous 520.73 $222,462.82



Interest on deposits Pre-Exposition period $111,435.70

Interest on deposits Exposition period $99.40

Interest on deposits Post-Exposition period $166,577.20    $278,112.30

Interest on Government loan Pre-Exposition period $2,531.68

Interest on Government loan Exposition period $1,394.95    $3,926.63

Interest on Washington University fund Pre-Exposition period $8,482.06

Interest on Washington University fund Exposition period $62.43    $8,544.49

Interest on Lady Managers fund Exposition period $1,502.29


Miscellaneous Collections:


Refrigerating plant receipts $ 20,306.82

Garbage coupon books $11,508.80

Property sold $41,776.72

Conscience fund $138.56

Freight refunds $559.30

Damages to grounds and persons $2,695.00

Impounding stock $116.20

Interest and costs from delinquent subscribers to capital stock $7,724.10

Labor done $117.03

Miscellaneous $12,491.23

Physical culture fund $3,495.31

Compromise settlements $500.13

Uniform account $2,514.89

Insurances premiums refunded $68,409.40     $172,351.49

EXHIBIT "I" Construction:

Department of Architecture $138,394.61

Architects commission $80,000.00

Architects fees and expenses $94,019.88

Agricultural building $524,185.51

Approaches to Government building $34,585.90

Art building $945,849.45

Athletic fields $16,000.00

Building engineers $11,578.85

Band stands $25,793.00

Barrack buildings $26,925.75

Bridges—permanent $102,785.07

Cascades and terraces—excavating $142,629.08

Civil engineering $309,347.69

Dairy Farm building  $27,570.08

Day Nursery building $6,035.82

Drainage $100,813.86

Drinking fountains $898.00

Directors office $227,907.36

Electricity and machinery departments $120,666.88

Electric and power plant $2,893,978.88

Electricity and Machinery building $425,125.50

Electrical subway $23,494.33

Engine house $40,987.56

Entrances $31,736.00

Exhibitors power plant $232,120.26

Emergency installation $19,951.19

Furniture and fixtures $19,727.83

Finish on bridges, lagoons and cascades $155,488.72

Festival hall $221,999.45

Fire department—temporary building $220.71

Forestry, Fish and Game building $174,317.38

Fences  $37,325.16

Filtration plant $11,689.20

Fire plant $370,616.09

Forward $7,594,765.05

Freight platforms $14,298.51

Garbage crematory $8,746.90

Grading $269,454.94

Gas piping $44,623.40

Horticulture building $225,408.27

Hospital building $20,508.38

Hauling and piling soil $1,720.80

Horses, harness and vehicles $7,069.30

Implements and tools $9,271.02

Intramural Railway $498,378.97

Louisiana Purchase monument $7,593.93

Liberal Arts building $475,370.95

Live Stock Exhibits building $147,440.95

Landscape gardening $501,804.91

Machinery building $513,354.39

Manufacturers building $710,284.49

Mines and Metallurgy building $491,802.41

Mural decorations $41,467.88

Police station $6,646.17

Press building $4,899.32

Pump well, pavilion, conduits, etc $37,932.04

Plumbing $129,834.02

Preparing grounds $737,504.58

Philippine commission $199,995.00

Refrigerating ice plant $37,177.84

Restaurants and colonnades $174,106.80

Reservoirs $3,013.53

Roadways $442,268.47

Supplies $8,834.11

Stables $6,164.57

Sculpture $517,939.87

Sculpture Hall building $39,388.99

Service building. $41,743.81

Sewers $62,700.14

Shelter House $4,924.35

Saw Mill $6,781.24

Street railway on private right of way $14,788.98

Temporary boiler house $1,808.50

Textile building $375,198.62

Ticket booths $6,940.00

Town hall building $15,398.34

Transportation building  $675,586.39

Triumphal causeway  $7,885.00

Temporary bridges $1,813.91

Turnstiles  $25,416.15

United States Life Saving exhibit $925.25

Uniforms $1,054.42

Varied Industries building $724,607.96

Warehouse buildings $24,446.87

Water rent $72,689.50

Water supply, distributing mains $161,801.42

Waterways  $34,643.38

Widening and straightening River des Peres $113,009.30

Worlds Fair Railway terminals $444,581.56    $16,747,815.85


Rent of Grounds and Buildings:

Rent of Washington University building of Exposition period $450,000.00

and grounds of Ехposition  period $250,000.00

Post-Exposition period 50,000.00 $750,000.00

Other tracts west of Skinker road $262,446.22

Catlin tract $200,000.00

Taxes  $27,431 54

Sundry grounds rent $4,137.50         $494,015.26

Tract north of Catlin tract $8,500.00

Rent of Coliseum $18,666.66

Rent of offices (Pre-Exposition period) $14,783.78

(Exposition period)  $1,695.00 16,478.78    $1,287,660.70


Maintenance and Operation:

Care of buildings Pre-Exposition period $57,403.56

Care of buildings Exposition period $26,191.42

Care of buildings Post-Exposition period $7,151.36 $ 90,746.34

Expense of buildings Exposition period $5,568.06

Expense of buildings Post-Exposition period $6,383.94 11,952.00

Electric and power plant Pre-Exposition period $44,924.83

Electric and power plant Exposition period $578,327.86

Electric and power plant Post-Exposition period $65,138.05    $688,390.74

Gas light building Pre-Exposition period $418.28

Gas light building Exposition period $813.72

Gas light building Post-Exposition period $242.16     $1,474.16

Garbage cremation Exposition period $5,033.08

Garbage cremation Post-Exposition period $50.00       $5,083.08

Labor maintaining grounds Exposition period $66,848.07

Labor maintaining grounds Post-Exposition period $12,939.52     $79,787.59

Landscape gardening Exposition period $24,369.86

Maintenance of roads Exposition period $20,228.49

Maintenance of fire plant Pre-Exposition period $600.65

Maintenance of fire plant Exposition period $3,952.15

Maintenance of fire plant Post-Exposition period $325.01    $4,877.81

Maintenance of lagoons and cascades Exposition period $2,408.33

Miscellaneous expenses Exposition period $5,292.36

Miscellaneous expenses Post-Exposition period $38.83     $5,331.19

Operating expense, waterways Exposition period $1,405.87

Operating expense, lavatories Exposition period $583.83

Repairing buildings Pre-Exposition period $9,627.62

Repairing buildings Exposition period $36,434.65

Repairing buildings Post-Exposition period $693.24    $46,755.51

Forward    $983,394.80

Rent of telephones Pre-Exposition period $10,276.61

Rent of telephones Exposition period $16,207.07

Rent of telephones Postr-Exposition period $6,242.90

Rent of electric power Pre-Exposition period $23,386.57

Rent of electric power Exposition period $209.62

Rent of electric power Post-Exposition period $5,563.56

Refrigeration Pre-Exposition period

Removal of rubbish Exposition period $23,745.40

Removal of rubbish Post-Exposition period $1,517.75

Sewers, water supply system Pre-Exposition period $505.28

Sewers, water supply system Exposition period $1,318.89

983,394.80   $32,726.58

$29,159.75 14,   $735.53    $25,263.15


Special police Post-Exposition period $7,130.19

United States Life Saving exhibit Pre-Exposition period $122.52

United States Life Saving exhibit Exposition period $190.00    $312.52  $1,094,546.69


Exhibits Division:

Art department Pre-Exposition period $59,495.64

Art department Exposition period $59,248.66

Art department Post-Exposition period $20,906.66    $139,650.96

Agricultural department Pre-Exposition period $42,703.04

Agricultural department Exposition period $39,668.16

Agricultural department Post-Exposition period $4,456.46     $86,827.66

Agriculture, live stock Pre-Exposition period $25,785.71

Agriculture, live stock Exposition period $254,582.56

Agriculture, live stock Post-Exposition period $2,052.97 282,421.24

Anthropology Pre-Exposition period $25,704.95

Anthropology Exposition period $32,670.98

Anthropology Post-Exposition period $20,089.96   $78,465.89

Aeronautics Pre-Exposition period $20,652.83

Aeronautics Exposition period $22,097.50

Aeronautics Post-Exposition period $999.65   $43,749.98

Director's office Pre-Exposition period $106,435.90

Director's office Exposition period $29,720.93

Director's office Post-Exposition period $17,403.20   $153,560.03

Electricity department Pre-Exposition period  $32,814.93

Electricity department Exposition period  $18,177.54

Electricity department Post-Exposition period  $2,547.54   $53,540.01

Educational department Pre-Exposition period $36,297.93

Educational department Exposition period $11,855.01

Educational department Post-Exposition period $1,446.50 49,599.44


Fish and Game department Pre-Exposition period $17,890.46

Fish and Game department Exposition period $7,919.41

Fish and Game department Post-Exposition period $1,869.91  $27,679.78

Forestry department Pre-Exposition period  $7,819.80

Forestry department Exposition period $5,851.72

Forestry department Post-Exposition period $  941.17  $14,612.69

Horticulture department Pre-Exposition period $41,391.66

Horticulture department Exposition period $46,395.75

Horticulture department Post-Exposition period $3,530.62   $91,318.03

International Congresss Pre-Exposition penod $19,284.39

International Congresses Exposition period $110,040.58

International Congresses Post-Exposition period $409.79   $129,734.76

International Jury of Awards Pre-Exposition period $2,367.81

International Jury of Awards Exposition period $101,311.84

International Jury of Awards Post-Exposition period $59,684.87  $163,364.52

Liberal Arts department Pre-Exposition period $27,341.97

Liberal Arts department Exposition period $14,185.44

Liberal Arts department PostrExposition period $3,572.53  $45,099.94

Manufactures department .' Pre-Exposition period $55,539.59

Manufactures department Exposition period $25,754.81

Manufactures department Post-Exposition period $5,435.74  $86,730.14

Mines and Metallurgy department Pre-Exposition period $59,935.58

Mines and Metallurgy department Exposition period $22,801.35

Mines and Metallurgy department Post-Exposition period $4,066.31 $86,803.24

Machinery department Pre-Exposition period $40,921.04

Machinery department Exposition period $18,847.14

Machinery department Post-Exposition period $2,457.04   $62,225.22

Music department Pre-Exposition period $13,945.42

Music department Exposition period $479,722.97

Music department Post-Exposition period $1,446.01 $495,114.40

Physical Culture department Pre-Exposition period $22,287.61

Physical Culture department Exposition period $58,775.37

Physical Culture department Post-Exposition period $6,849.14  $87,912.12

Social Economy department Pre-Exposition period $31,317.37

Social Economy department Exposition period $10,150.15

Social Economy department Post-Exposition period $959.99  $42,427.51

Transportation department Pre-Exposition period $30,266.88

Transportation department Exposition period $22,004.52

Transportation department Post-Exposition period $2,308.40 54,579.80    2,275,417.36


Exploitation Division:

Argentine Republic $29,958.08

Australia $4,452.20

Brazil $16,789.30

Bureau of Ceremonies Pre-Exposition period $17,842.38

Bureau of Ceremonies Exposition period $26,307.30 44,149.68

Bureau of Information Pre-Exposition period $7,778.74

Bureau of Information Exposition period $1,949.63 9,728.37

Central American States $12,643.84

Cuba $5,503.48

Competitive drills Exposition period $7,500.00

Dedication ceremonies $233,324.16

Domestic exploitation—various States $26,228.07

Domestic incidentals Pre-Exposition period $32,377.43

Domestic incidentals Exposition period $401.15 32,778.58

Dutch manufacturers in Holland $1,012.33

Director's office Pre-Exposition period $20,250.05

Director's office Exposition period $2,561.35

Director's office Post-Exposition period $141.77 22,953.17

Domestic office Pre-Exposition period $28,055.91

Domestic office Exposition period $8,320.95

Domestic office Post-Exposition period $36.08  $36,412.94

Emergency exploitation Exposition period $153,947.67

Eastern headquarters Pre-Exposition period $9,310.59

Egypt $5,432.26

Europe $43,773.46

Emblem account $1,035.38

Firemen's convention and tournament Exposition period $2,814.60

Fourth of July celebration Exposition period $8,561.24

Foreign incidentals Pre-Exposition period $19,906.05

Foreign incidentals. Exposition period $1,120.74

Foreign mcidentals Post-Exposition period $24.50 21,051.29

Good Roads convention Pre-Exposition period $2,286.35

Germany$ 10,724.77

India $4,949.36

Italy $11,011.31

London $17,807.78

Oriental countries $46,388.68

Paris $11,229.17

Portugal $1,384.62

Press and publicity Pre-Exposition period $317,566.70

Press and publicity Exposition period $124,116.54

Press and publicity Post-Exposition period $47.05   $441,730.29

Press representatives to Europe Pre-Exposition period $12,698.43

Press representatives to Europe Exposition period $1,446.36 14,144.79

Pan-American Exhibition building Pre-Exposition period $15,826.09

Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela $17,652.97

Pike day expenses Exposition period $9,190.57

Promotion Pre-Exposition period $5,899.86

Russia $600.00

Receptions and entertainments Pre-Exposition period $7,176.04

Receptions and entertainments Exposition period $2,940.69 10,116.73


Entertainments Pre-Exposition period $23,222.26

Entertainments Exposition period $51,991.42

Entertainments Post-Exposition period $577.82

South Africa


Special Commissioner Buchanan

Special Commissioner to Europe, Florence Hayward

Sweden and Norway

South Carolina, Inter-State and West Indies Exposition

Saengerfest subscription Pre-Exposition period

Transportation day Exposition period

Westward Islands and Trinidad

World's Fair Fraternal Building Association Pre-Exposition period

$1,350,304.03   $75,791.50   $945.33   $2,261.23   $24,914.02 3,000.73$12,318.15
$11,948.82   $5,000.00   $7,908.22  $1,200.00   $2,945.00  $1,498,537.03


Protection, Fire, Police, Insurance, Etc.:

Accident insurance Pre-Exposition period $34,282.40

Accident insurance Exposition period $51,891.93   $86,174.33

Contents of buildings, insurance Pre-Exposition period $3,986.97

Contents of buildings, insurance Exposition period $22,121.29

Contents of buildings, insurance Post-Exposition period $592.79   $26,701.05

Custodian of buildings Pre-Exposition period v2,313.75

Custodian of buildings Exposition period $40.32    $2,354.07

Fire department Pre-Exposition period $105,620.28

Fire department Exposition period $44,568.95

Fire department Post-Exposition period $12,344.66  $182,533.89

Fire Fighting Exhibit Pre-Exposition period $16,500.00

Fire Fighting Exhibit Exposition period $25,000.00   $41,500.00

Insurance on buildings Pre-Exposition period $109,317.88

Insurance on buildings Exposition period $163,863.05

Insurance on buildings Post-Exposition period $9,588.70   $282,769.63

Jefferson Guards Pre-Exposition period $139,758.76

Jefferson Guards Exposition period $299,154.59

Jefferson Guards Post-Exposition period $32,589.08    $471,502.43

Medical department Pre-Exposition period  $21,520.39

Medical department Exposition period $14,987.28

Medical department Post-Exposition period $1,168.53   $37,676.20

Premium on fidelity bonds Pre-Exposition period $335.14

Premium on fidelity bonds Exposition period $1,138.00

Premium on fidelity bonds Post-Exposition period $524.92 1,998.06



Concessions and Admissions:

Admissions Pre-Exposition period $73,758.64

Admissions Exposition period $204,592.32

Admissions Post-Exposition period $12,478.41

Concessions Pre-Exposition period $19,666.40

Concessions Exposition period $214,526.82

Concessions Post-Exposition period $7,214.13

Director's office Pre-Exposition period $41,193.12

Director's office Exposition period $14,641.23

Director's office Post-Exposition period $2,923.11


Executive and Administrative Division:

$290,829.37   $241,407.36  $58,757.46    $590,994.18

Auditor's officePre-Exposition period$34,273.24

Auditor's officeExposition period$17,356.64

Auditor's officePost-Exposition period$30,390.09$82,019.97

Collector's officePre-Exposition period$3,336.20

Exposition period$29,161.96

Collector's officePost-Exposition period$7,148.87$39,647.03

Incidental expensesPre-Exposition period$14,521.98

Incidental expensesExposition period$8,319.56

Incidental expensesPost-Exposition period$18,750.84$41,592.38

Legal departmentPre-Exposition period$51,506.83

Exposition period$24,486.62

Post-Exposition period$100,530.68$176,524.13

Local TreasurerPre-Exposition period$8,069.11

Local TreasurerExposition period$3,857.33

Local TreasurerPost-Exposition period$1,257.41$13,183.85

President's officePre-Exposition period$5,444.99

Exposition period$4,457.60

President's officePost-Exposition period$1,041.06$10,943.65

President's Contingent FundPre-Exposition period$717.93

President's Contingent FundExposition period$539.85

President's Contingent FundPost-Exposition period$221.85$1,479.63

Pre-Exposition period$107,270.39

Exposition period$33,419.63

Secretary's officePost-Exposition period$68,296.53$208,986.55

Pre-Exposition period$15,668.35

Supply departmentExposition period$5,399.42

Supply departmentPost-Exposition period$375.97$21,443.74

Treasurer's office. . Pre-Exposition period$24,530.67

Exposition period$4,202.48

Post-Exposition period$3,094.96$31,828.11




Director's office Pre-Exposition period $11,223.04

Director's office Exposition period $606.71

Director's office Post-Exposition period $173.29   $12,003.04

Intramural Railway maintenance Exposition period $5,702.39

Intramural Railway, operating expense Exposition period $59,190.40

Intramural Railway, operating expense . .. Post-Exposition period $23.00   $59,213.40

Operating department Pre-Exposition period $93,161.95

Operating department Exposition period $71,039.60

Operating department Post-Exposition period $103,221.29   $267,422.84

Traffic Manager's office Pre-Exposition period $8,231.31

Traffic Manager's office Exposition period $5,390.10

Traffic Manager's office Post-Exposition period $3,758.90 17,380.31

World's Fair Terminal Ry. maintenance Exposition period $5,189.04

World's Fair Terminal Ry. maintenance. Post-Exposition period $11,372.77   $16,561.81



Sundry Disbursements:

Refund pf accrued interest on City of St. Louis bonds Pre-Exposition period $35,851.34

Interest on bills payable and advance capital stock Pre-Exposition period $16,669.24

Restoration of leased grounds Post-Exposition period $12,086.46

Personal damages Pre-Exposition period $6,000.00

Personal damages Exposition period $171.70    $6,171.70

Damages to property Exposition period $5,532.10

Disbursement Agent, U. S. Government... .Pre-Exposition period $6,851.47

Disbursement Agent, U. S. Government Exposition period $2,251.09   $9,102.56

Report of Congress of arts and sciences. .. Post-Exposition period $29,639.22

Sanitation Pre-Exposition period $70.00

Sanitation Exposition period $1,343.53    $1,413.53

Press Parliament Exposition period $1,161.40

Premimum on bonds for rent of land Pre-Exposition period $340.00

Premium on bonds for rent of land Exposition period $105.00

Premium on bonds for rent of land Post-Exposition period $1,482.50   $1,927.50

Band contests Exposition period $500.00

EXHIBIT "S" Board of Lady Managers:

Disbursements Pre-Exposition period $17,389.75

Disbursements Exposition period $79,915.39



National Commission:


Salaries and expense Pre-Exposition period $170,223.46

Salaries and expense Exposition period $34,416.66

Salaries and expense Post-Exposition period $34,455.34



(The Inception and Development of the Movement to Commemorate.)


(January 11, 1898.)
Mabshall S. Snow, Chairman. W. J. Seever, Secretary.

Joseph Boyce. Melvln L. Gray. P. S. O'Reilly.
D. I. Bushnell. Anthony Ittner. Charles D. Stevens.
Pierre Chouteau. George E. Lelghton. John H. Terry.
J. В. C. Lucas.


(On Centennial Celebration of the Louisiana Purchase.)
(January 11, 1898.)


Pip m, Chouteau, Chairman.
Charles F. Bates. J. B. C. Lucas. Marshall S. Snow.
Goodman King. Isaac W. Morton.

CONFERENCE COMMITTEE OF BUSINESS MEN'S LEAGUE (Appointed, April 26, 1898, by Request of Missouri Historical Society.)

George W. Brown. Frank Gaiennle. C. P. Walbridge.
L. D. Dozier. Clark H. Sampson. John C. Wilkinson.

(General Call by Missouri Historical Society, May 17, 1898.)
Academy of Science. Round Table.
Bar Association of St. Louis. St . Louis Board of Fire Underwriters.
Business Men's League. St. Louis Clearing House Association.
Commercial Club. St. Louis Chapter American Institute of
Engineers' Club. Architects.
Exposition and Music Hall Association. St. Louis Club.
Implement and Vehicle Board of Trade. St . Louis Cotton Exchange.
Latin-American Club. St. Louis Real Estate Exchange.
Master Builders' Association. St. Louis Furniture Board of Trade.
Mercantile Club. St. Louis Manufacturers' Association.
Merchants' Exchange. Union Club.
National Building Trades Council. University Club.
Noonday Club.


(June 30, 1898.)
Pxerre Chouteau, Chairman.

D. R. Francis. Julius Pitzman. Festus J. Wade.
Wm. Hyde. Charles G. Sharp. Prof. S. Waterhouse.

E. C. Kehr. H. W. Stelnblss. James A. Waterworth.
L. D. Kingsland. John H. Terry. John C. Wilkinson.
Isaac W. Morton. W. H. Thompson.


(July 12, 1898.)
Mabshatl S. Snow, Chairman. W. J. Seeveb, Secretary.

E. B. Adams. George D. Markham. Murray Carleton.
Pierre Chouteau. Charles Parsons. James J. Early.
H. I. Drummond. Wm. H. Thompson. Jacob Furth.
Benj. Elseman. J. A. Waterworth. H. Hitchcock.
William Hyde. M. C. Wetmore. S. M. Kennard.
H. C. Ives. George W. Brown. Charles Nagel.
F. W. Lehmann. George О. Carpenter. Christopher Sharp.
Julius Pitzman. Edward Devoy. John W. Turner.
E. 0. Stanard. Frank Gaiennle. C. P. Walbrldge.
Prof. S. Waterhouse. D. S. Holmes. W. S. Eames.
C. G. Warner. E. C. Kehr. August Gehner.
Robt. S. Brookings. Isaac W. Morton. Anthony Ittner.
Seth W. Cobb. H. W. Steinblss. George E. Leighton.
Wm. Duncan. John H. Terry. F. G. Niedringhaus.
D. R. Francis. Festus J. Wade. A. L. Shapleigh.
H. C. Haarstick. John C. Wilkinson. Dr. William Taussig.
L. D. Kingsland. Adolphus Busch.


(July 12, 1898.)
Pierre Chouteau, Chairman.

W. S. Eames. Halsey C. Ives. H. W. Steinbiss.
D. R. Francls. Frederic W. Lehmann. John H. Terry.
William Hyde. Julius Pitzman. Sylvester Waterhouse. PRELIMINARY ORGANIZATION


(January 10, 1899. Called by Governor Lon V. Stephens.)

J. C. Л1п LiM.\.\, of Iowa, Chairman. James Cox, of Missouri, Secretary.

C. S. Stifft.
C. S. Collins.
Abe Stiewell.
C. E. Rosenbaum.
Thomas W. Balrd.
Frank Hill.
S. J. Beauchamp.
George Sengel.
L. A. Fitzpatrick.
Guy E. Thompson.
Joseph Evans.
George R. Brown.
B. B. Blffle.
J. M. Barker, Jr.


W. H. Bryant.
Wm. O'Brien.
P. J. Sours.
J. B. Hunter.


John L. Walte.
David Bryant.
A. A. McKlttrick.
W. C. Hayward.
James C. Milliman.
Wm. E. Fuller.
Charles J. A. Erlcson.
J. B. Weems.
Lafayette Young.
C. D. Robb.
F. B. Rogers.


T. G. Slonecker.
H. Kuhn.
Frank W. Elliott.
A. J. Tullock.
B. F. Hennessy.
Lyman Naugle.
W. C. Perry.
O. F. Sawyer.
Abe Steinberg.
T. W. Harrison.
S. F. Neely.


J. F. Denechaud.
J. B. Calhoun.
John M. Henshaw.
George W. Flynn.
A. H. Wilson.
John Fitzpatrick.
Eugene McGlvney.
W. C. Chevis.
J. D. Moore.

Dr. Mayo.
John C. Wise.
Joseph Mason.
Martin Shea.

C. L. Roos.

E. L. Danforth.
Peter Nelson.


D. R. Francis.
John Perry.
R. H. Kern.
John B. O'Meara.
Dr. Otto C. Forster.
Wm. H. Moore.
John I. Martin.
W. E. Atmore.
MaJ. C. G. Warner.
W. S. Stephens (proxy).
Howard Elliott.
Adiel Sherwood.
C. W. Green.
L. C. Burns.
Ed. T. Orear.
Ed. W. Stephens.

E. C. Crow.


John T. Murphy.

C. D. McClure.
H. W. Gemse.


H. E. Mclntosh.
Will Owen Jones.

F. W. Taylor.

North Dakota:

G. E. Golterman.
W. G. Larimore.
R. S. MacDonald.
E. A. Noonan, Jr.

B. F. Berkey.

D. D. Leach.
Gov. Renfro.
Ex-Gov. A. J. Seay.

South Dakota:

E. H. Freeman.
Edson Williams.
David  R. Francis'  Book-
The Universal Exposition of 1904

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