Lee  Gaskins'  AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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March, 16,  2008-  Well, the site  is  opened.  I  initially  was  going  to  make a  two  or  three  page site  just  showcasing a  few pieces  of  architecture. But my  initial  launch  has  over  120   pages. I  have decided to  tint  the photos  a light tannish  color  as  well  as  avoid  the  dollar  sign  on  any  section  of  this  site. Why? In my  book,  the  dollar  symbol   equals  greed.... so  I decided to  omit  the sign.

April,  5,  2008- I  have  added  actual  motion picture video  from  opening  day  at  the  Fair!  I  attempted  to  contact  the  American Mutoscope and Biograph Company  about  sing  the  footage.  I  emailed the  company  and  their  lawfirm.  No one  contacted  me.  So  I  kept  it  on  the  site.  It  IS  104 years  old and is  probably  copyright-free, but  I  emailed  them  as  a courtesy. I  guess they're   too important  to  reply.

April,  28,  2008-  Lot's  of  menu  problems...    FIXED  finally!

June  17, 2008-  A science  teacher  from Missouri  was the  first  one  to  sign  the  guestbook. Cool.  She  has  promised  to   send  some  lesson  plans, and  was  going  to  send  an  item  and  donate. Awesome!  I  have  some  neat  prizes  for the  winners  of  an  essay  contest.

July, 2008-  Mark Bowling  was the  first  one  to add their  opinion  of  the  Fair  to  this  site.  I  visited St. Louis  and Forest Park.  Mike Truax  gave  my  wife  and I  a personal  guided  tour  of  some  of the highlights  from   Forest  Park.  He didn't  have  to  do  this; we  were  strangers. As  a small thanks, I  have  him a  framed print of  a 1904 WF  scene  I  did  and  took him  and  his significant  ladyfriend  to  dinner.  I  thought  I  would  never  go to  the Midwest,  let  along  see  the St. Louis  Arch, Art Museum,  etc. The St. Louis  visit  was too  short!

October,  2008-  Kinda  feeling down.  Not   many  hits  on this  site.    I am  having a  difficult  time  getting  this  listing  on Goggle  and the  other search  engines. The  to my  shock, there  was  another site  called  Meet  Me  At  the Fair.   It  was  run  by  two  guys  who  never  update  their  small site and  don't even  have  a  current  email  (or  their   links  were  broken).  I  tried  to  contact  them, to  no  avail,  not  knowing  if  they  would  take  offense  at  the  name  of  my  site.  Initially  I was  going  to  pull  the plug  on my  Meet Me At  The Fair   site;  a lot  of  work  for  little  gains.   Mike  Truax  helped  me think it  over. Rethinking,  I  did  a MASSIVE   renaming  of  my  site  to  AT THE FAIR, and had  to  change  EVERYTHING  on  my  site.  What a pain  in the  neck- it  took  forever. Had  to  resubmit  links  to  search  engines, which  don't  consider  my  site  worthy  enough I  guess,  cause  I  never can  find  my  URL. 

November,  2008  Still  feeling  down,  not  many  hits, the  science  teacher  never  sent  the  plans. In  fact  not  one  teacher has  contacted  me   since.

February,  2009- I  have  just  finished  a massive  image  update  and  added  dozens  and  dozens  of  photographs. Some  people  are disappointed that  my  site  doesn't  include  their  relative  that  exhibited  an  item(s)  at  the  Fair.  Sorry!   A few  people  wanted  me  to  do  their  research  for  them.  Not  going  to  happen!  Don't be lazy, do   your  own  research!

March,  2009-  Hits  on  the  site  picked  up.  Quite  a few  students  from high  schools  signed  the  guestbook.  I  had  to  delete  a  few  because  they submitted  their  email,  which  as they  are  minors, I  will NOT  show  to the public.  No  teachers  ever  emailed  me  or  followed  with their  promises. I have no problem  with  people  who do  not  promise, but  do  have problems  when you  say  something  and  don't  follow  through.

April, 9,  2009-   Debi McDaniel   sent  me  two  lo-res  scans  of shots  from the Train  Wreck  during  the  Fair. I posted  them after  touching  them up.  I  thanked  her... still in shock  as  aside  from a  scan  of  a  map by Dan Ruth,  great   ideas,  thoughts,  and encouragement   from  Mike Truax,  an  opinion of the Fair  by  Mark  Bowling, no  one  in  a year  has  helped  out  at  all.   Aside from above  mentioned,  the  only  people  who  email  me about the Fair  are  either folks   asking  for  me to  research something for  them  or promote  their  Fair-related  business without  exchanging  links.  I  still have  some  rather  cool prizes  for  a school  Fair  contest  which  includes  Fair  books and DVDs.   Perhaps, there is    less  interest  in the 1904 World's  Fair  than  I  thought?  Maybe  people  don't  want  to  spent  their  time  to  care.  Maybe I'm just  ignorant.

September, 2009-  For  five months, I have gotten little traffic, a few  comments  needling why their relative's  wares haven't  been  listed or  shown, and  a ton  of  people  asking  me  to  research  their  ancestors that  attended or worked at  the  Fair.  Not one  person  from any World's Fair  club/forum/society  has ever offered to help or send an image or even make a comment (well save one on that). No teacher has ever collaborated or sent lesson plans (as were promised).  I am cancelling updates for  the  site  until I  reevaluate if  this  is  worth it. I might  scrape this  and  make  a ginger ale  site. And  again, like Terry's site, I  might just  let this  site  simply  rot. Perhaps I simply need to be energized again,  hence the long break to work on my Dad's art site aand a secretive site as well. 

December, 2009-  Continued little  traffic,   As per  the norm, not one  person  from any World's Fair  club/forum/society  has ever offered to help or send an image or even make a comment (well save one on that). I painted two more images  from   the Fair. I emailed an important  1904 World's Fair expert  about asking his   opinion about the 1904 WF.  No  reply. Regardless, one of the cool things  is  that  I  addd three images  for  attractions  that  had only  text- Ancient Rome, Ostrich Farm  and Scenic Railway- all  from  the  Pike.  It's  more and  more dfficult to  find/post  unique  images  from  the  Fair.  Later in the  month  to  my  suprose,  a gentlemen  named  Byron  sent  me   a few scans  of original photos  from  Fair. THANKS Byron, you are the  best!

January, 2010-  One nice thing  that happened  was Mike  Truax, president  of  the  1904 WF society  sent  me  a  slew of  digital pictures  from  his Fair presentauions.  Yes,  I  already  had   at least  75%  of  them,  but  a few  were unique  as well  as far  better  resolution.  Thanks  Mike.  You  are  a an  amazing  man!  My 1904 World's fair  Appreciation group on Facebook has 43 members.  More  than  I  ever  thought.  Thanks!!!

April, 2010-   Over 11.000 visitors and  no guest book postings for a month. It either tells  me  that people  don't  care, or  most of  the  visitors  are  repeaters. 
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