The Administration group of buildings  are situated on a tract of land 110 acres in extent and were held
under lease from the University Corporation by the Exposition Company since January, 1902.  The  University 
took back  the Fair's leased land after  January, 1905.

The Fair commission initially looked into utilizing  land a block away  from riverfront land, but after citizen did not
desire this, the company looked at Forest Park.  

The leasing fee  totaled 1,378,000 dollars. This allowed the FairCompany to utilize 1,240 acres for the Exposition. 

The Exposition Company used the University's ten buildingsfor administration and other purposes. The principal building- 
University Hall (now known as Brookings Hall), is a  quadrangular built of red Missouri granite, laid in broken range rubble, with quoins and ornamental courses of cut stone. It stands facing due east, opposite Administration Avenue, which is the extension of Lindell Boulevard.  it contains a Tudor-like 77-foot tower, with four-cornered towers surmounting the arched doorway. This doorway is  25 by 38 feet. A terrace of cut stone, 50 feet wide and 264 feet long, rises to the  arched entrance from the level of Administration Avenue.

Busch Hall, the two Cupples Halls and Liggett Hall, smaller in stature  were built of the same material and in the same style.

An additional 100,000 dollars rent was paid to Washington University by the Exposition Company when the Fair was delayed to 1904. The funds were used to build additional facilities for the Fair and University.

The Administration Building was the official reception hall used to meet dignitaries and other Fair-going VIPs. It also served as an exhibit of a model university.

Following are the names, dimensions, cost and purposes of the several buildings:

Name. Size—Feet. Cost.          Exposition use.

University Hall 325 x 118 250,000 Administration Building.
Busch Hall 292 x 100 115.000 Department of Works.
Cupples' Hall No. 1     263 x 113 115,000 Anthropology.
Cupples' Hall No. 2     207 x 80 115,000 Jefferson Guard.
Workshop       207 x 63    30,000     Service Building.
Liggett Hall 90 x 63    100,000 Service Building.
Power House  120 x 50     15,000 Boilers and Machinery.
Library Building   258 x 144 250,000 Educational Congresses.
Gymnasium    94 x 181    140,000 Physical Culture Exhibits.
Southwest Wing   68 x 306   125,000     Woman's Building.

During the summer of 1904, Robert S. Brookings, (president of the University), board, Brookings convinced the directors to offer free rooms to schoolteachers, in hopes that they would pass the word to colleagues about the Fair.

The gymnasium and athletic field  are still in use today at Washington University. 
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Interior view of the A.G. Spalding and Brothers Model Gymnasium circa 1904