Another Pike concession was the Moorish Palace. This exhibit included historical wax work and plastic exhibits from Madam Tousard's Wax  Museum  in London,  as well as a Sultan's Harem Room.
Costumes and dresses showcased the Muslim people of the southwest Africa.

Exhibit Statictics:

Building cost:    38,000  dollars
Price of Admission-  25  cents adults,  15 cents children
Exhibition Profit-   30,164.30  dollars
Lee  Gaskins'   AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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A visitor could see large tableaux depicting the acquisition of the Louisiana Territory, discovery of Mississippi, burial of De Soto, transfer of Louisiana, and Lewis and Clark's expedition.

A theater showed Moorish acrobats, jugglers and magicians.

besides street performers such as snake charmers, there were many venders booth that  sold exotic rugs, linens, and jewelry.

The attraction did not make  as much money as it cost to build. One possible reason might be that the Moorish Palace concession  was also at 1893 Chicago World's Fair.  Another  reason could be of competition between the `Streets of Cairo,' `Jerusalem,' `Mysterious Asia,'  and `Constantinople' exhibits also on the Pike.