Scenic Railway  was a  3 mile long
roller coaster created by L.A.

The ride was a double track
roller coaster which extended
outside the Pike
and over the railroad tracks,
cars  were carried up a  chained
incline, until  it soared downward
and through bridges, tunnels as well
as scenes of glaciers, Jerusalem, the
everglades, Iceland, Pompei
and the South Sea Islands. The
cars took two round trips and ended
with 3 fast dips and a gentle rise to a halt.

The attraction included a 500 seat restaurant. Roller coasters were first exhibited at the 1851 London Exposition.

*   Some  believe that the cost of the ride was 15 cents, but the program
clearly states  10 cents.

Exhibit Statictics:

Building cost:   250,050  dollars
Price of Admission-  10 cents   *
Exhibition Profit-   287,343.58 dollars
Lee  Gaskins'  AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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L.A. Thompson created the Scenic Railway.