This small  area of   will showcase  the lights  and  night-time  views of  the  Fair. Because of the evening  tone,  I  will not  tint  the  images  in warm  tones  and leave  them  black  and  white.

The cost  and  resources of illuminatig the  Fair  was  staggering. It took  10   railcar  loads of  coal  to  power  the  generators  a  day!
Lee  Gaskins'  AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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Palace of Liberal  Arts seen   from  the Palace of Education. The Palace of Liberal Arts  was  the only Palace that  had red-colored  lights.
Night time fireworks.
Palace of  Electricity and Varied Industries.
Corner of the Palace of  Liberal Arts at  night.
Night view of the  Palace of  Liberal Arts and Palace of  Mines
Night view of the  Pike's Tyrolean Alps.