Though I mentioned some of the food sculptures and oddities in other Palace pages and sections of this  web  site, I decided to open up a page concentrating on pictures of such exhibits.

Here's a few examples of  several non-marble and staff sculptural oddities displayed at the Fair. The edidible sculptural medium of choice was for the most part butter. below  are  some  photographs of the edible oddities.

Mississippi:  King Cotton- a  50 foot tall cotton  figurine, & a horse sculpture  made entirely out
of pecans. 
Utah:  `The Spirit of Utah'  was manifested  as an artistic figure sculpted out of bees wax
Idaho:  presented the  figure of a  Coner d'Alene miner cast in copper.
The Statue of John Stewart:  (builder of the first creamery),  sculpted in butter by a Minnesota artist.
Louisiana: was a sculpture of Mephistopheles in sulphur and Lot's wife carved in a block of rock salt.
  The  sculpture weighed 850 pounds.  Also, a five-foot tall `Miss Louisiana' out oa giant
  sugar cube.
Connecticut: displayed its state seal and the old Charter Oak in butter.
California: showcased a elephant made out of almonds,  a Grizzly Bear out of prunes, and  an  elaborate  butter  sculpture of a beautiful girl  with  animals  and  a charging horse. 
Missouri: exhibited a monster corn man & a 2900 pound  cream cheese sculpture of a maid milking a
     Holstein cow. Also a butter sculpture of Ceres.
North Dakota: exhibited a life-sized butter  equestrian statue of President Theodore Roosevelt.
Iowa: exhibited  a butter bust of John Stewart a pioneer in the dairy industry west of the Mississippi.
Illinois: showcased butter  modeled busts of Lincoln and Grant with the statue of liberty in between
Kansas: nine-foot Indian made out of cereals. Also an agricultural building  model sculptued of  butter.
Minnesota:  showed a  20-foot butter sculpture of Father Hennepin's discovery of the St. Anthony Falls.  
New York State: exhibited an eighteen foot lighthouse made from salt and a full-sized Liberty Bell
fashioned  out of   butter.
Wisconsin: exhibited a butter display of a life size statue of a cow and dairy maid, and a model of the
Wisconsin University Dairy School.
Washington: showcased a butter sculpture of a milk maid milking and directing a stream of milk into
the   mouth of a cat.
Lee  Gaskins'   AT THE FAIR  The 1904 St. Louis World's   Fair 
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The State California had  an two exhibits that  showcased almonds in a unique  fashion. The  right image  is obviously a sculpture of
a full-sized elephant  from almonds. The display base and surrounding area was  a variety of nuts. 

The image  below  was created by  Sacramento County and was a miniature of the California State Capital Building
created entirely from almonds.

The third Californian food exhibited showcased a beautiful butter  sculpture. (Below)

* The state of  Kansas showcased a sculpture of a pretty young woman in an old German costume from the Middle Ages and a miniature of at the Kansas Dairy School sculpted realistically in  butter.
* California  also  showed  a bear made from prunes. Complete with a red light in it's mouth it, their was a prize challege to guess how many prunes  made up  the   bear. 
* The state of  New York created a bust of President Roosevelt in butter.
* The  state of Minnesota  showed an elaborate display of  grains.
* The  state of Minnesota  a 20-foot butter sculpture of Father Hennepin's discovery of the St. Anthony Falls.  
* The  state of Mississippi  showcased a huge statue of King  Cotton.
* Canada exhibit of a replica of their Parliament House, from Ottawa, done in Canadian grains.
* The state of Washington  showcased a butter sculpture of a dairy maid milking a  cow. Note the kitten  below.