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This site includes  larger versions of  some of  my 1904 Fair paintings, incluiding  some  fantasy  art,  and other  diverse  subject  matter  from: illustration, to game  design to fine art  and album  art. 
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Used  for networking,  the page includes   some of  my artwork< other  art  and  such  can  be  found  on  my  reg.  FB page:

Are you  tired  of popular   non-creative 4/4 factory-made mundane music that permeates  the radio, internet  and the trash that is known  as MTV? Besides jazz, there  IS  an alternative- Progressive music. Music  for the mind and creative. 
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Mike Truax- President of the  1904 World's Fair  Society created a grand WF web site that  showcases many aspects of the 1904 World's Fair, which include: facts and trivia, an extensive look at the  Pike,  Fair videos reviews, and  fascinating pages on  memorabilia, a Fair calendar,  books and links and  much more  information.  

Jim Crawford, is an Internet Marketing Consultant, who  works in design, marketing and promotion. His vast knowledge includes many areas of expertise including the  1904 World's Fair.  His site contains  info. on the Fair, as well as  collectibles, Internet tips and tricks, articles, promotion and design. A plethora of diverse material. 
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Author  Pam Vaccaro  brings 25-years of experience as a former history teacher to her new book- Beyond the Ice Cream Cone, which showcases  the history of food at the 1904 World’s Fair.  As entertaining as it is informative,  Pam weaves an authentic story about food and the people, who grew, sold, cooked, displayed, served, demonstrated and enjoyed it at the Fair.  She is a charter member of the 1904 World’s Fair Society.    I found this a  fascinating read!
Terry's 1904 World's Fair Page  hasn't been updated since  1998,  but it still should be checked out   to  learn  about  many  aspects  of  the Fair.  This  is  the  site  that started my electronic  interest of the Exposition.   Unfortunately, this site has not been updated in 10 years, and does  have   many  broken   pages and email links. 
St. Louis'  Missouri History  Museum  in  Forest  Park. 
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The 1904 World's Fair Society is dedicated to "preserving the memory and memorabilia of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. For more information about the 1904 Fair from an organization dedicated to its "preservation," please look into this  Society. Their membership has grown.   Members receive the monthly mailing of the newsletter, "The World's Fair Bulletin."  WFS monthly meetings feature programs covering a wide range of Fair-related topics, such as lectures, stories and exhibits on music, food, fashions,  memorabilia displays, and even 3-D slide shows.  
The  1904  World's  Fair  on  social  media.  Post  an  image,  ask  a  question.  This  small  group sports  more  than 125  members  and  many  are  experts.   Anyone  can  join!